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Friday, November 21, 2014

There's a new sheriff in town for Hallowe'en

Day 7 October 31, 2014 - Hallowe'en - part 2
My savvy extravagent Hallowe'en costume - Sheriff Flusher.
We didn't want to eat too much before our big dinner at Hugo's so we ordered up a cobb salad for her, and a taco salad for him. It was pretty good, actually. I didn't over eat, and I used the plastic wrap to bundle the remains up like a juicy taco football and shoved it in the fridge - in case I got hungry in the night sometime.

We both needed to do our play. I put on my Hallowe'en costume, and we hit the Jacks, stopping at the Mike's bar first for a quick twenty.
Mike looking very natty. I'm not sure if that is good or not. Better natty than naughty I guess.
And the Quadrus Queen struggled, and I did sort of okay. I put in $100 and it lasted about 10 minutes. I put the second $100 in and played for quite a while and towards the end of the session, I hit a bunch of quads and rolled up to $600 in the machine (which would put me only down $720 on the day - $600 in gambling and $20 pickpocketed from me by Delano valet*... not that I'm bitter...) and by the time I cashed out, I dropped a little. I had to stop short of our planned $10K coin in - to break for dinner at Hugo's.

We had two Hugo's dinner planned - one came with the Quad Queen's Sept/Oct offer, and we'd use comp dollars for the second outing in a few days. I plan to roll both dinners into one massive Hugo's review, so be ready for that gastrotypographic pictorial onslaught.

After dinner, I finished my play, doing most of it on Jacks. I played $100 on a double diamond slot to get (ironically) away from a cigar that was fouling the whole area and making me sick.

Here's the thing about cigars. It's best to be the one smoking them. Because the foul horrible smoke always goes away from you, so it's not bothersome to the smoker. It makes perfect sense.

I won $20 once and the rest of it was crap. Back to the Jacks, I finished my $10K and doubled my last $100. I ended up plus $215 on the $10K coin in.
Me 3. Kicker... on Jacks.
Me 3 again.
For the first $30K of coin in, I was up $115. $30,000 of video poker and I was up $115 without a Royal. I thought that was pretty good.

The Quad Queen, unfortunately, did not have very encouraging results thus far. She'd lost $400 on her $10K of coin in.

We went back to the Nugget to play some triple play on her card - she needed the support. I played about 45 minutes and finished the session up $2.50. It was great fun to just take our time, play, and people-watch. The costumes are always amazing.

On my way back to the Four Queens I spent some time hanging out on Fremont, taking in the crowd and getting some pics on the Cameron. Unbelievably, nobody asked for pictures of me in my sheriff's outfit.

I was thus saddened.

Quad Queen: Day -$1100 Trip -$2550
Royal Flusher: Day -$200 Trip +$1650

Combined: -$1000
Royals Flush: Four (!!!!)

*Delano has dropped the $20 valet fee, says Thanks Kathy for the tip!

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