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Monday, December 1, 2014

Balls and Bean Salad

Day 13 Thursday Nov 6, 2014 - part 1

I started my play in the Nosmo King Hallway at the Downtown Grand. The Aces kicker progressive had still not been claimed, but I'd had it with the thing - it was over $1200 so I'd have to pay tax on it anyway. Okay, maybe I did play a $20 on it, but mostly I focused on some less volatile 50 cent and dollar Bonus Poker.

It went pretty well and I made $100 or so. The Quad Queen joined me and on Bonus Poker of course she got Aces. And the kicker. Sometimes you can't be right for being wrong.

That should even be a saying, because it's just logical.

We sat down for breakfast at S+O.

We ordered, had food delivered, and while we were eating, I got a text from Michael J. We'd shared some info on the Grand in the past (hosts and such) and he happened to be in town. So he came down and joined us.
Two over hard, meat sticks, potato pellets.
Om-elleta, smoke a cigaret-ta.
We had a nice chat and when it was bill paying time, I suddenly realized we'd never eat all the five dollarses I'd earned on my play, so I told them to use my card to cover what was left on his bill. He had some other offer or discount in play, so the amount was only seven bucks.

This is not of any consequence other than the fact that they got it screwed up and ended up taking my five dollarses, as well as charging his credit card. Like every savvy comphundt should, he would not let go of this until it got fixed four or five weeks after the fact. It's the principle of the thing.

I tried to get my host to come and say hello but I sensed from the texts that things weren't quite right and in the end, we never did cross paths. (She's now left the Grand, as more changes continue there.)

It was moving day again, time to get out of the Nugget and back to the Cal. They comped five of the eight nights, but wouldn't pick up any additional food charges or room nights, considering that we'd had a sizable win there. Heh.
Now revealed! The Golden Nugget's New Balls!
We got a room assigned at the Cal and handed our bags off to the bell folks.

When we checked in, we got handed Aloha coupon books. Our host wasn't there, but the one from the week before (who had been surprised at our play, etc. etc. etc.) was. So we went through the rigamarole again, having her check play at all three properties blah blah blah, and when it was all over, she confiscated the Aloha booklets and sent us to the lobby desk to get our brand new, shiny, all-access, super-primo mythical Gold Cards! At last!!!!

Now we could eat bean salad with impunity! We had lunch which was actually salad bar for the Quad Queen, and half a soup and sandwich and salad for me.

While we were eating, I sensed a familiar sensation down below my waist... a kind of pleasant tickling.

"DO YOU FEEL THAT?!" I screeched?

"Oh my God..." said the Vibro Queen. "THE VIBRATION!!!! Just what we need for Royals!"

Sure enough, the construction vibrations that had triggered previous Royals Flush at Main Street Station were giving my Golden Nuggets the 'happy feeling'.

We started our play at the Cal on the slant-top dollars. I did okay and we put a decent amount of coin-in through.

We are now cognizant of the fact that it is in our best interest to hit $10K a day each at the Cal to keep the Gold Cards coming. Over and above that we can play triple play at MSS or spinners at Fremont.

Over at Main Street we futzed around. I ran a $20 bill up to $100 on triple play and lost it all back, all in an afternoon's work.

Mrs. F. had better luck, parlaying up to five-play and then she was dealt this:

 Four to a Royal in Spades.

BOOM! The vibrations had borne royal fruit once again!

Our seventh Royal Flush of what was turning into one hell of a trip.

As if that weren't enough, she got a $3 scratchcard to boot. I was so happy to see her get that, as she had been struggling for quite some time now.

What a great sense of satisfaction!

But we weren't done yet, not by a long shot.


    1. 7? 7? 7 royals! When I get dealt four to a royal on multi-play, I of course ponder, "Why didn't it just deal me the royal?".


    2. Hey Royal! Was your host at the Grand Sonia Bautista?

    3. I love the last comment, is there even more Royalage to come? This has been an amazing trip win-wise.

    4. Connie - no, it was not. Maybe multiple ones are gone...

    5. Plump Thunder, thanks for your loyal readership. Stay tuned and find out!


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