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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hugo's Cellar - Royal Flusher Restaurant Review

We ate at Hugo's Cellar at the Four Queens twice during the No Kickers Las Vegas trip so I thought I'd describe one visit and include details about the food from the others, all together into one review. I also visited Hugo's Cellar (and ate there too) during my summer trip with Kenny and LuLU, so I'll include some of that info.

Jimmy Poon has worked his http magic and moved this review to its exciting new home at Royal Flusher World.


    1. The Kona coffee is quite a treat as well. brewed at your table and kept warm in some kind of glass vacuum coffee-brewing contraption.

    2. And the little chocolate chips to stir into said coffee! Nice review and it brought back great memories.

    3. I need to go again! Great review!


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