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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Good Banging at Luxor

Wednesday January 14, 2015

In a repeat of yesterday, I got up early and hit Starbucks just as they opened at 6:30am. (Tall skinny latte, no foam, with an Irish jig. They never actually do the Irish jig while the espresso is making, but I ask anyway. I guess I'm kind of an O'Toole.)

And indeed I did sneak down and played $100 in the GVR casino.

I played a $20, and another, and on the second I ran the machine up to $180. And... I lost it.  And the rest of my last hundred. And then, I was out of money.

This trip was not going that well, really.

In fact, I was getting my ass kicked. Quad Queen had been losing steadily also.

And, sadly, the Sexy Hair people were taking their heads and going home.

We had breakfast at the buffet. I probably should have known better. It seems like it should be good, but not much attention is being paid to ensure things are fresh.

Yummy mayonnaise.
Yummy vat o' cheese sauce.
Yummy "Oh look I left these overnight" Egg a'Muffins.
We managed to find enough calories to sustain us though.

I had some more GrommetCon junk to do so Mrs. Flusher kept herself busy playing nickels. Just for laughs.

Our host wasn't working, so I got a host on the Bat Phone from the slot club. She reviewed our play and picked up all charges. So the comps were the room for three nights ($75 a night maybe?) plus $175 in meals and $90 in remorse fees.

We also got $171 and $121 cashback, respectively.

Now for the nasty part. Quad Queen's coin in was $56,982 and coin out $55,933 for a loss of $1049.
My coin in was $41,632 and coin out $38,163 for a loss of $3,469. Think Green Valley Ranch will want us back?

At this point, the Quad Queen was doing all right, up $550 on the morning, and me down $100. And it was off... to Luxor.

We visited the High Limit Room bar to play dollar Jacks, both on my card. I wanted to put $10K coin in through and see what offers I might get. (I have already gotten a room offer with some freeplay from the last two visits to the bar, with much less coin in.)

The scene I'd seen and heard before was repeated - the bartender and the cocktail waitresses seemed to spend the majority of their time congregated at the pass, talking and gossiping. I suppose I don't really mind that much, it's none of my business as long as my needs are getting met - except these people were loud. I mean, really loud. So loud you could barely pay attention to what you were holding.

It reminded me of being on a red-eye trying to sleep when there is two or three people who yak it up all night long.

Add daytime TV to the big-screens - with the sound on, for the viewing comfort of the bartender - and you have a pretty annoying atmosphere.

So I was playing along, trying to concentrate, and I noticed that my card has stopped collecting point. For some reason, it's errored out for I don't know how long.

I tried to get some help. I figured I'd get the bartender to summon some slot techs to check it out. I really needed those points!


"Excuse me? Over here?"

"Hello, I need some help here?..."

They were so busy laughing it up, talking about their kids, making stupid jokes, that I couldn't get through the din.

So, I simply started banging the bottom of my empty beer bottle on the marble bar. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG.

The bartender, startled, looked over.

"Can you call someone for me please, I need some help with my machine," I said.

"You could call my name you know, or call bartender if you need help," she said, copping an attitude.

"Well, I don't know your name, but I did call over and over but you were so busy talking you couldn't hear me."


The requisite people did come by and we figured out how long the card had been disabled. They promised to give me 100 points. Who knows if they ever did?

We finished our $10K coin in and lost $800. I didn't get a quad the whole time. I think the quad queen got one or two small ones.

What a disaster.

We hopped in the Flying V and headed down to the Cal and checked in. We had a nicer suite than last week, and I found out that there is only four Signature Suites, all on the top floor. It would explain why I never get one.

They had a gift waiting for Mrs. F - a $100 gift card for the logo shop.

I did some blogging for y'all, which took a while, and then joined the Quad Queen for dinner at the Redwood Grill. It was excellent - french onion soup, crab, filet, rib eye steak. Thank goodness for the Gold Card!

I'd brought the lucky Goat along, so we had some fun with that.

The Burning Itching 7s machine coughed up a $200 win and a $300 win, after each of which I shouted loudly, "GOAT POWER!"

We hit the uprights in the alcove (Flashy and Pinchy) and after $100, I actually got on a very satisfying run - the best play I'd had in quite some days. I got a ton of quads and cashed out $500.

Health Update:

The Quad Queen's stink-eye seems to be a non-issue. She was a good pupil of meye instructions. Iris I had the same luck - I've developed pink eye. Kind of a sympathy infection. If that doesn't put the lid on it.

My foot is marginally better. I'm treating it with alcohol.

Royal Flusher: Day $-200 Trip $-3200
Quad Queen: Day $-400 Trip $-1500

Welcome to Dumpersville, population This Trip!


    1. Love that suite ! Hope the luck improves.

    2. Its great to have these posts back, hope your luck changes Flush.

    3. I know you're getting creamed like corn and I'm sorry to see that. I am, however, still in awe of how many of your quads are dealt ones.

    4. Forgot to add... Hang in there. I smell a dollar royal I'm your future.

    5. I once asked for a smoking room at the Cal and my response was "we don't have any regular smoking rooms available so how about a suite?" How about OKAY!

      I need Jimmy Poon to come and unfirewall me from your website at work. I am going to be livid when they firewall me from my own blog. It is inevitable with all the degenerate gambling. It has to trigger soon. Sigh.

    6. For those who don't know, jennifer has a great travel blog (which includes some amazing Vegas trips) at Check it out!


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