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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Don't Tread On Me

Monday January 12, 2015

The problem might be that I have no toes anymore on my left foot?

All the walking the day before had really aggravated my sore foot so I resolved that I would have to get some new insoles. I used to use these ones by Spenco, made of something called Sorbathane (which I think is also used as a preservative in cheap ice cream).

The other thing I had going on is GrommetCon 2015 - purportedly the reason for my trip to Vegas. It, along with some really cool conferences such as Sexy Hair and A10 needed some grunts to go and get coffee for the boss, hang around with clipboards, harass the hotel staff, and guard the cardboard boxes of grommet tschotskes.

These activities, sadly, will take up a lot of my day for the rest of the trip.

We went down to the casino and played some and I continued the quadless state from the night before. I was whining and crying chatting about it intelligently to the Quad Queen as she gritted her teeth and played on.

Next thing I know, this guy who looked like one of those senior citizen crane operator types stops and says, "Excuse me, is this man bothering you?"

The Quad Queen replied, without batting an eye, "Yes he is. He's been bothering me for three decades. He's my Flusher. I mean my husband"

"Oh I see, of course! Well, good, that's great. Good luck to you. And to you sir!" And he clapped me on the back lightly, with the force of a two ton wrecking ball. "That's what we're alllll here for, right, to have some fun, to win a little money! Yes, that's what we all want! Well, you have fun, and best of luck!"

On and on this mouthpiece went. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole strange episode.

We played on and nothing much was happening.

"I want something exciting to happen... " said the Quad Queen. " having a drink arrive."

"You keep up losing like that and I'll take you back downtown where you belong, dump you at the Vegas Club!" I said.

"In the gift shop?"

We played dollar Jacks and dollar full pay Boner Deluxe. Well, to make a short story boring, it took 4500 coin in to get first my quad. I lost 700 on Jacks on Boner D. Meanwhile, Mrs. Flusher was already on the board. I was so excited to finally hit a quad I forgot the repetitive picture.

Breakfast at the coffee shop was pretty good. Mrs. F had Steakand, and I had some sort of Southwest Egg Hurlybird Breakfast.

After doing some GrommetCon 2015 stuff, I went out in the Flying V and found not one, not two, but three likely insole candidates in the immediate area around GVR. First stop, REI. Bust.

Second stop. the Walking Company, where they did a high tech scan of my feet and recommended some $70 insoles. But they just didn't seem to help. I would have bought them if they did.

Third stop, Red Rock Running where they carried... Spenco Sorbathane insoles. I popped those beauties into my shoes and my dogs felt better right away. My feet did too. I was able to stroll fairly pain reduced through the nearby other stop I wanted to make - Hole Foods.

I grabbed some room supplies, treated myself to a $70 bottle of that Silver Oaks Winery Alexander Valley 2010 that I got from the Nugget last trip, and filled a container with fancy-ass healthy salad crap for lunch.

Looks the same before and after.
Taking the elevator up to the room, I rode with a youngster and her mom. Youngster was heads down into a very large phone, about the size of her head.

"I have a bigger phone than that. Mine is about three times as wide as that one, and four times as high." I held my hands about a foot apart. "It's kind of hard to hold but you can really see the screen well."

"Wow, who makes that phone?"

"It's the new Apple XS," I said, as I stepped out of the elevator.

I ate lunch in the room while the Quad Queen played. It was pretty good. Next I had some GrommetCon 2015 activities that killed the rest of the afternoon.

We had dinner in the coffee shop and then played some triple play.

The high limit bar was a lot of fun - I enjoyed one one of my Arturo Fuente smokes while playing dollar Boner Deluxe and some other games, but mostly the Boner. The bartender was nice, very pretty. She said she'd been to Canada once but didn't remember where in Canada. I reminded her that Canada is pretty small so it was probably Toronto or Vancouver she went to.

I played about 1000 hands of Boner Deluxe and for the life of me could not get a quad on it. Finally, I got a mercy quad dealt to me. Thank goodness for that.

Guess what?

I dumped it all back in.

Royal Flusher Day -$1300 Trip -$2300
Quad Queen Day -$700 Trip -$100

Yeah, I had a pretty crummy day. The quads just weren't coming like they might, which makes it easy to lose on dollars and multiplay.

Here are some of the success we did have on a losing day.

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