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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Four Queens and Flying Vs

Sunday January 11, 2015

Have I mentioned my foot?

I didn't mean to whine about it, but on the other hand, whining is one of the things I do best. Along with dhining.

My left foot has been kind of sore this fall and about 4 days before the trip, it flared up into a pain source of torturous proportions. I have pain under the ball of my foot (and you didn't know feet have balls) which is very sensitive to pressure. Moving my big toe up or down elicits mucho discomfort. The medical name for what I have is footballitis.

So this made the trip out double worse, and I literally limped around the terminal. I have a new-found sympathy for friends of mine that suffer chronic foot pain.

I tried a gel insole with a Dr. Scholl's stinkpad on top of it - this all made it worse. I finally took out the gel. Long story short, it's really a pain to get around with a bum foot. And with a foot bum.

Check out day at the Cal, so we figured there was no point in giving them any play. I have to presume that they don't count check out day as a gambling day in terms of your average.

We'd easily hit $10K per day each with Mrs. Flusher making up my needed points on Friday by playing on my card.

Meanwhile, we had some freeplay to use at the Four Queens, so we thought it would be a good day to play there. I had $300 and the Quad Queen had $200.

The goal, as before... do $10,000 of coin in on the freeplay alone. This would hopefully keep the offers coming in future mailings.

You might recall how badly Mrs. F got asskicked on the last trip while doing $10K a day there on dollar Jacks. I did okay for 5 days and got sucker punched on the 6th to the tune of $1100 or $1200. So the pursuit was a lofty one indeed.

We got up and headed over there.

Stink update: They have, yet again, changed the scent at the Four Queens. This one is stronger and way more obtrusive than the last one. I'm not fond of it. It is marginally better than the Strawberry Fart scent they had some years ago.

The first half of my $10K was pretty weird. I didn't get any quads. The first $100 went fast. The second $100 lasted 20 minutes. The third $100 went really well. And in fact, I worked it up to $300.

The only thing was... I hadn't hit any quads. At all. Meanwhile the Quad Queen was plowing ahead on her first hundred, hitting all kinds of things:

I was about halfway through my play so I took a breakfast break at Magnolia's.

As you can see, the Quad Queen got a couple more beauties and ended up doing her $10K coin in on $100 freeplay AND cashing out $500 at the end of it. Now that's savvy gamblestering!

She went off to do some 100 play for fun while I soldiered on. I finally - FINALLY - hit a 'mercy' quad. Yes, I had switched to the machine that had given her so much joy. In case you are interested, it is the one beside the one we call 'Loud Boy', which is on the end of the aisle. Play it, you'll know why we call it Loud Boy.

I finally got my breakthrough quad and got close to finishing up my $10K coin in.

I kept playing and got the machine up to a decent level - I really wanted to cash out some useful cash on my free play. I decided $400 would be a good level to maintain if I could reach it. Whatever I had above that, I'd play on a higher volatility / higher payback game, just take a flyer on it.

Well, it worked out perfectly. I nailed quad 3s for $600 and cashed out a cool $1000 on the session, thus totally sticking it to The Man, and gaining redemption for my last disastrous dollar Jacks expeditionary force back in November!

Meanwhile, Mrs. Flusher had played $100 on 100 play and won $100. Except that she forgot to use her freeplay. So she used the $100 freeplay on Triple Bonus plus but ended up losing it.

Actually, before lunch, we had some admin to do. I picked up a rental car at Avis to use to take us to our next destination, and we hauled ass back to the Cal to get our stuff and check out. While there I checked my Facebook and saw that the aforementioned long-time fan of the blog was actually eating in the Cal. I took a run through the place to see if I could see him to say hello, but sadly, he outfoxed the Flusher.

I get a lot of requests when I'm in town to meet up, say hello, whatever. It's really appreciated, but if I took up the offer of every adult beverage, I'd be hammered nine ways to Sunday all the live long day. Or really, really, really drunk.

So thanks, and don't be offended if it doesn't work out. The main thing to remember that my persona on the blog is just that - a persona, carefully constructed and edited to be interesting, intelligent, humorous, charming, modest, and - yes - pretty goddamned sexy.

In person, I'm very boring - in fact, I'm quite a humorless slack-jawed dullard. Just ask Jimmy Poon.

Bags packed, we drove back to the Four Queens for lunch.

You want to hear a success savvy gambling summary? $500 freeplay turned into $20,000 coin in and $1500 cash money, plus $70 cashback, plus $140 comp dollars.

We picked up our cashback, and promotional lucky goats, which are a thing to behold, let me tell you.

"This calls for pizza," I said. So we headed up to the Chicago Brewing Co. for a couple o' disks. (And a side serving of enlarged thumb.)

I also picked up a couple of those Arturo Fuente Dick Cigars that I tried out last trip. $16 a pop, and I broke one trying to poke a hole in it. Our server gave me a replacement no charge. She got a 25% tip for her kindness in helping me further stick it to The Man.

The most exciting news of the day is that it looks like the Four Queens might be refurbishing the 70s stag film suites. If you want a Scarface coffee table to do three foot lines of coke off of, here's your big chance, mang.

And with that. we climbed into our rental car, known from here forward as the Flying V, named after the Flying V symbol on its dashboard.


    1. You know flusher, if you really loved your adoring fans you would share the machine numbers of these winners that the QQ so carefully chooses :) Just sayin'..... You both had a pretty savvy gambling day! Good for you. Keep the winners coming!

    2. No chicken fried steak w/country throw up gravy at Magnolia's?? Were you sick or something?

    3. You cannot just suddenly stop typing in the middle of the day like that!

    4. What's the Flying V? The radio tower?

    5. Know what you meant by the smell. We were at the Four Queens before New Years and the stench of that new scent was nasty. I swear I could almost taste it. I kept hoping it would grow on me but it didn't

    6. Laur, sometimes a savvy flusher has to save calories for important things - like alcohol.

    7. Janet Rebman, Loud Boy is in the bank of machines machines nearest the cage. It's on the end of the row nearest the cage, in the first row of machines. It faces the pit. The one I did well on is to its right. From now on I will include the serial numbers of the winning machines so we can all get rich!


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