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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's a Newd Year Live!

A couple of months ago, Mrs. Flusher said she wanted to go to Vegas in the New Year. I said I wasn't so sure. It would be pretty close to our last trip, and travel in winter is a White Icy Hell.

"I don't want to travel in a White Icy Hell," I said.

"See ya!" she said and booked it.

Well, when the first snow fell on Flusherville back in November, I said, hell with it. And started making arrangements to attend GrommetCon 2015.

I got the flight out on Aerouseless Fuckyoupoints, and paid for the return so that I wouldn't have to do a four stop red-eye through Siberia - because that is what always comes up for the return on points.

She'd head out on the Wednesday and I'd follow on the Friday. I'd work GrommetCon and also take a few days off to make a superlong weekend out of it.

It's been a while since I posted a live Vegas blog so I'm going to feed some updates through as we go. Come alone, won't you?

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    1. Aerouseless Fuckyoupoints! I really did LOL.


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