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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mrs. Flusher Staking Out the Cal

So the Quad Queen traveled out to Vegas on Wednesday. I had the thrill of getting up at 3:00 on Wednesday Morning to drive her in to the Flusherville Regional Aerodrome.

Duty done, I went back home and got back to sleep for a while before it was time to feed and out Chippy and head in to the plant - Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer, where I earn a living. I lubricate and otherwise babyset the mechanical G.I. tract that shits out size 7 grommets for the worldwide market.

In spite of the incredibly cold White Icy Hell weather, her puddle-jumper flight to Toronto went on time and the Roudge flight to Vegas was only a little late.

She's having a pretty good run at the Cal, playing her ass off and hitting some nice hands.

Here are a few highlights:

After Thursday she was up $670 on her trip, and had put through about $50K coin in.

Oh - by the way, the work we did figuring out the system paid off. We got what is called a King Suite (I think) at the Cal, and we did get limo service to and from the airport. We also got the gold card for meals. Still, though, my corporate offers blow blue cheese - 3 nights and $30 food and not even any video poker tournaments.

Doesn't matter much, the limo is a cash saved perk, and the gold card meal pass is... well, gold.

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