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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One Love One Goat

Sunday Jan 11, 2015 - part 2

One of the nice perks we got at the Four Queens were a couple of fairly heavy lucky guady as hell goat figurines, to celebrate the year of the Gaudy Goat.

They give you Goat Luck, I guess.

The Flying V took us and the goats down Paradise to Tropicana where we turned left.

"One Love," I said, pointing.


"One Love... these buildings. One Love."

"That's UNLV, you idiot!"

South on Eastern, east on 215, to Green Valley Ranch. We have been wanting to try out a locals place for the relaxed pace, and superior video poker game selection.

We picked a terrible day, weather wise, to visit a place that has an extensive pool and greenery area for relaxation - it rained, really rained, in the desert most of Sunday.

The property is quite nice and easy to find. We'd contacted a host and got an upfront 3 night comp. Check-in was a breeze.

The room was fairly nice, but worn and there were a few ahem cleanliness problems. Some dried crud on the table, dust on top of lamps and other surfaces, snack food bits on the carpet.

We got our slot cards and tried out the casino.

We played some triple play which we thought was quarters, but its actually 10 coins a hand, so really, 50 cents.

That went sort of okay, and then we hit the dollars. I decided to pound the Bonus Deluxe and put $300 into it. Got 2 quads and had it over $600 when it tanked on me. I cashed out at $200 ten minutes later. Stupid.

The Quad Queen hit the Deuces on quarters which was cool.

Slutty Times Pay Double Double Bonus went badly - lost $200. And the losing just kind of accelerated as the day wore on.

"I wish I could just get a Royal," I said. "A dealt Royal."

"Yeah, I wish I could get one on the redeal," said Mrs. Flusher.

"Yeah, under a full moon."

"In a leap year on February 29th."

"Whilst wearing a Goat outfit."

Dinner at the buffet... it had potential but things weren't that fresh. That's why I headed for the custom Nasty Grill stir fry station. The end result of that was a hot, freshly made entree which I did enjoy.

The Quad Queen was not enamoured with her meal unfortunately.

Back in the casino, we hit the high limit room and for some stupid reason, we played triple play dollar bonus poker. We took turns, like the old days. I lost a quick $200 and the QQ lost $100.

We did a full survey of the place, my sore foot shrieking with every step. But there are definitely lots of things to play.

Our last session was pretty good for the Quad Queen, and I finished up cashing some profit too. So we managed a daily win each.

Royal Flusher: $+400 Day $-1000 Trip
Quad Queen: $+400 Day $+600 Trip

Some quad pics for you:


    1. Nice win. It's good to be up at the end of those up and down sessions...

    2. It's amazing - you two seem to get more than your fair share of dealt quads. I've noticed that in at least one prior trip of yours as well. Would you agree? Or do you feel that you're getting them every 4,000 hands or so like you should?

    3. King Tut, I have noticed that too. It seems quite odd to me as well. I have no idea why it might be other than just variance.


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