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Monday, January 12, 2015

You'll Never Outfox the Flusher

Saturday January 10, 2015 - The California

I slept for about 5 or 6 hours before my body clock said "Wake up, time to go to work excreting size 7 grommets!"

Ever feel like you have been beaten head to toe by a bunch of fairly motivated teamsters? Or flown on Air Canada or United? The feeling is one and the same, and that's what I had.

We went at it downstairs at the Cal, and I was feeling pretty rough.

The 50 cent Bonus Porker progressive looked fattened up so we gave it a go, but the Quad Queen had more luck than I did.

Finally, yay, Flushiepants was on the board. First quad of the trip. I even got a Blue Balls Royal(TM).

The Blue Balls Royal. You can't get any closer without getting it.

Generally, though, I got my ass kicked. I bought a fancy coffee at Lappert's on points to 'perk' me up and was gifted a donut by some guy. I didn't want it and 'rolled it forward' to some broad (who is blogging how she was gifted a donut by some guy). Nobody wants the donuts. I guess that's why they were giving them away with a coffee purchase.

After playing some, it was time for a gambling power breakfast.

Gambling power breakfast.

The power breakfast made me sleepy. I needed a nap - and took one - for about two hours. Meanwhile, the Quad Queen was snatching defeat from the jaws of video poker victory, until...

She got a Royal! YAY!

She blew back $600 of it! BOO!

We played some Super Times Pay at Fremont with non-exciting results, and eventually had lunch at the Main Street Station buffet.

The Super Times Pay at Main Street was more exciting, giving me this:

Yes that is a 10x quad. Beautiful. It was the first success of any sort really of the trip (if you don't count a free donut).

We went over to the Four Queens on the way to Walgreen's to pick up some supplies and stopped in at the Mikes Bar.

For some reason people keep asking for me at this bar. It's like I have a reputation (completely self-aggrandized).

Upstairs at the D we dumped some quarters we'd saved. I almost had the most amazing free play experience. And I almost wrote about it here.

We had a yummy dinner at the Redwood Grill. French onion soup again (highly recommended), filet and crab.

Mrs. Flusher wasn't too hungry so she had a special dinner entree - the bean salad from the coffee shop. They handled this unusual request with aplomb and nary a raised eyebrow.

Bean Salad a la Quad Queen

Ok, ok, the free play thing at the D - I had $5 free play. I played one hand of dollar Bonus Porker. I was dealt three to a Royal and ended up with four to a Royal. Man that would have been amazing if I'd got it.

I ran it up to $40 and then ran it down to $0.

After dinner we scrambled around. Nothing much was working. The whole day was very choppy like that. I ended up down $900 on the day.

Mrs. Flusher quietly lost a bundle. Consider how bad it was - even with a $1000 Royal she finished down $1300 on the day.

But free bean salad on the Gold card!

Royal Flusher: Day -$900 Trip -$1400
Quad Queen: Day $-1300 Trip $+200


    1. How many hours a day do you play normally?

    2. It's kind of hard to say. There are a lot of breaks for meals, drinks, moving around, scratch cards. I do know that when I do a full $10K coin in stint on Jacks it seems like a long, long time... if I were to hazard a guess at actual hands on playing time, it's probably 4 to 6 hours a day. Some days a bit more, some days a bit less. It seems like we are playing all day long but we have lots of interruptions. Mrs. Flusher plays more, she can really play like 6-10.


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