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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Battle of the Airline Compensation Giants - Air Canada vs. United Airlines Round 3

I have an update!

It's finally over. There's good news and sort of bad news.

I'll cut to the chase... I have received a refund from Air Canada for the business class upgrade I purchased. However, it is only a partial refund.

Why a partial refund?

Because I reveled in First Class from Toronto to Chicago before switching to the disaster on United. So they pro-rated the upgrade cost and deducted the portion for the benefit I received.

I have, as we speak, a $131.91 refund on my credit card, posted a scant 2 months after the trip, and a mere six weeks after starting the quagmire email chain process.

But here's the thing... I took a shortcut. I located access to an Air Canada insider who sometimes provides expedited assistance to weary travelers such as myself and with just a few days, he pulled some strings and got the refund processed.

If I'd stuck with the e-quagmire approach, there is no telling how long it would have taken, or if I ever would have received my dough back.

Here's the final tally.

Air Canada - one web submission, three emails, one plea through backdoor channels, six weeks to get a partial refund of $131.91 and a 15% next purchase promo code.

United Airlines - one web submission, 9 days to get $50 off next puchase promo code.

Bearing in mind that I didn't even purchase anything from United, just whined to them about my flight, they win this battle by a nose, tail, fuselage, wings, and fin.

Anyway, the saga that started with the last trip report is finally over.

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    1. Getting ANY compensation from an airline is a big win these days - good job!


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