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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Royal Flusher World Launched Amid Meagre Fanfare!

Boy, Jimmy Poon has really outdone himself.

He's been hassling me to run a second site. So why do I need a second site?

Well, as you know, one thing I do is write Vegas Trip Reports. The mechanics of this blog make it confusing for when I write about other things, in between the trip reports.

Or things that maybe are of broader interest than the degenerate gambling and Vegas debauchery topics covered here.

So, this site, Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way, will continue to be the home of the most savvy and silly Vegas trip reports ever concieved and executed by me.

And our new site, deftly entitled Royal Flusher World (because I couldn't think of anything better) will be the tautly focused and expertly curated home of "everything else that isn't a Vegas trip report".

One nice thing is that starting from scratch, and dealing with a non-linear magazine style format, Jimmy Poon was able to come up with a website that is at once garish, obnoxious, and engaging - just like my writing.

You might see some stuff that you recognize from this site - venerable old rehashed recycled favorites like the Cycle of Life, and the restaurant reviews and stuff - but I promise you word after word of new content will be written in the minutes, hours, days, months, years and milleniumses to come. Much of it will be entertaining.

I invite you all to check out our new place - Royal Flusher World


P.S. Special shout-out to D.G. whose generous PayPal donation covered exactly the cost of the template for the new site. Thanks, man! It made Jimmy Poon's job a lot easier.


    1. I knew you were taking the high road, because you spelled 'meager' the British way in your announcement. And the upper-crust-ness of the new blog was confirmed when I read(?) "Secret Sexual Proclivities of the Slot Machine Stars." Well done.

    2. Great to see your expanding your savy gaming empire. What you need now is a podcast, with a groovy opening theme song. Make sure you check out this site to measure your online empire against.


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