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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fire up the Moonar Nodule

Day 2 - Golden Nugget - Tuesday - Part 1

The Golden Club rooms at the top of the Golden tower (and similarly at the top of the Rush tower) present a pseudo-exclusive guest experience. You have to use your room key in the elevator to access your floor (thus bringing the inevitable sarcastic comments of jealousy from other elevatees such as 'Oh, you're one of those people... I hear they have 10K gold gilt inlay disposable coffee cups up there....'.

They include wifi, which is a nice touch. There's a Keurig k-cup coffee maker in the room, and k-cups. The rooms are on the top floors.

But in this case, the lower floor rooms have been remodeled, so I'm not sure I wouldn't have preferred one of those. The newly remodeled rooms look pretty great - just like the Rush Tower rooms.

The additional amenities include a bunch of useless access crap to a guy like me such as spa and this and that... although the VIP lounge sounded interesting. I made a vow to check it out.

The real 'gold' if you will, is the array of goodies laid out in the hallway outside the elevators.

Stored in four, large petri dishes are a selection of M&Ms, trail mix, chocolate covered raisins, and jelly beans. Each petri dish is garnished with a highly polished ornamental unused serving spoon.
The Golden Club room science lab. The apples are just for decoration I think.

The best part of all is fresh brewed coffee all morning long, complete with real cream, and to-go cups. And the coffee was pretty good. Just what I needed since I'd woken at 6:00am...

All this is probably worth the extra $20 or so a night, especially if you'd planned to buy wifi. For me, it was a one time $20 put into the right hands well spent.

I grabbed another $500 in cash from my (newly located) safe and set out to really start my day.

You might have noticed that the previous night, I played $100 in $5 video poker. That's four hands of $25 full play Jacks, assuming you lose them all. One goal I had for this trip was to try this every day and see if I could get on a run at that denomination. I think I got seven hands out of my first try.

My hallway 10K gold coffee didn't last long (actually, it only lasted for the elevator ride down to the casino) and I needed some hi-test. I opted for a grande latte with an extra shot from Starbucks. Coffee in hand I felt light and happy and ready to dabble in some nice dollar video poker machines - and there were some right there!!!

I slid into the first machine and fed it $100. Boner Deluxe! Shooting for some $400 quads! Here we go!

Machine number one ate $100. No worries, I know what to do. Change machines.

Machine number two ate $100. No worries. The day is just beginning. Change machines.

Machine number three ate $100. Slight but manageable concern. The day is young.

But I was down $300 already on the day and I'd had virtually no play for it. My coffee was still hot and two-thirds full. STUPID COFFEE!

Where do you go when you need some luck? Where you've had luck before. To the hallway with the short pay Jacks progressive. Where I hit a royal last fall.

I got some more playing time but the result was the same. I headed to the bar with a quarter of my coffee. Boner Deluxe would save me like it had so many other times, right?

Let's just say the very next picture I took was this one.

This is me, at the pool at the Nugget at 7:00am, down $500 on the day in less than an hour. I needed to break the cycle before I went completely on tilt. So I sat and enjoyed the perfect morning, and tried to chill. I decided to make use of the break, and went up to the room and fetched my writin' instruments, and there I sat, feet up, creating some scintillating blog content for my fine readers.

I spent maybe an hour doing this and got my mind reset. Dumped the little keyboard and iPad in the room (and yes, grabbed another $500 from the safe, which was becoming less and less relevant) and headed for the buffet for breakfast. Another Golden Club win - the key serves as a line pass.

A fresh-made omelette is always a good choice at a buffet, but overall, I thought the offerings had slipped a bit from last time. There were much fewer sausage selections, for one thing. You shouldn't stand between a man and his sausage.

Back to the machines. Since dollar play had been completely unrewarding and brutal I... continued to play dollars. Degenerate. Chasing. To win it back, you see.

Because I had not even had a single quad yet in Vegas.

I'd brought $1,700 in cash with me to Vegas. My last hundred of $1500 was in the machine, and I had $200 left in the safe. At least some of that would have to cover tips and stuff, unless I played it.

I hadn't even been in town for 12 hours yet.

Savvy? No. Degenerate? Hugely.

And then finally, I broke the ice with a $125 win on dollar Double Double. Yes, I was going balls out.
It was a nice feeling to cash a ticket. Since I was so quadally challenged, I decided to play it all on Boner Deluxe. Feeling like Neil Armstrong looking for Tranquility Base and only a few credits left to power the Moonar Nodule, I landed the Eagle for my second quad of the day and trip. Reprieve!
In the course of blowing it all back, I was dealt this:
One little suit off of what I needed.
Fuck you, Ace of Hearts.
But I was dealt a stiff.

What's that you say? Yes, you read correctly... "blew it all back".

I stuffed my last $100 in a machine. Fucking lost it. Now I'm down $500 from last night and $1000 on the day. What is happening to me??!!

Boy, my pseudo-exclusive Golden Club room seemed really great while sitting on the edge of the pillow-top comfort-babe 8 million coil bed crying to the Quad Queen on the phone, getting her to try to talk me off the ledge.

First frickin' day. This is the time when you really want to be playing. Sure, you think the losses will come back, but if they didn't, at this rate, I could be down $10K by Friday.

I needed a change of pace. Thank goodness, I had some people to reach out to. I thought my friends Blonde4Ever (of Las Vegas 4 Ever Message Board fame) and Kodidog (of Las Vegas 4 Ever Message Board infamy) were checked in to the D so I scoured the D upstairs and down for them. I wanted to get some exercise anyway. Finally I gave in and texted Blonde and found out they were at Onions, right across the street from the Golden Nugget, playing with Wonka's Willie or something. So I got plenty more exercise scouring Onions for them and sure enough, I found them.

"Okay, Blonde," I said, "teach me how to play the penny slots."


    1. We seem to have missed you first day in Vegas?

    2. Jimmy Poon has been screwing this up big-time. That post was posted pre-post time, and unposted, but is now re-posted post-haste.

    3. Get a leash on Jimmy. I think he did it on purpose!

    4. Nice report...the REAL side of Las Vegas sometimes...those hundreds can disappear fast!

    5. PS...Hope it changed quickly for you!

    6. a royal teaser which means absolutetly no royals will hit. you should loose 400 an hour playing dollars. more than that is a super tight day.

    7. Love reading your posts. Sorry for the losses but they'll come often and hard playing horrible games like 8/5 JoB. Why play those when there are so many downtown options with 9/6 JoB? At least with 9/6 JoB and comped rooms, meals and drinks you could find yourself staying even over the years.

    8. The 8/5 is DDB. The Jacks at the Nugget is 9/5 with a progressive Royal. Why am I playing shitty games? Because they are at the Nugget where I want to stay sometimes. I've kind of had it with the crappy rooms at the Four Queens, 9/6 Jacks or not. So I'm willing to give up a percentage for a better vacation. You have to remember, that's part of the equation for me, it's not all about the money. That said, I still won't play much penny slots...


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