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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Notwithstanding Understanding What Notwithstanding Means

Day 3 - Wednesday - part 3

Oh man, did that triple play machine take off! I was on a hot one, on a winning streak, on a run, and it felt goooooood.

I played and played and the quads kept coming. Now I was having fun, and now I was getting some decent coin in out of my money.

That's one.
 I parlayed up to five play
That's two.
That's three.
 I parlayed up to five-play Double Double Bonus.
That's four.
That's five.
I was really hoping to knock it out of the park, but that would have to wait for another time. For now, I was ecstatic that the floodgates had opened and the quads were flowing like the sap out of Jackie Moosreiner's ears.

I did about $4,000 coin-in on $20 and cashed out $100. I was actually up on the day by about $120, which is pretty good considering I'd played my last $5.

Breakfast time! The Claim Bone Jumper would do. I had some sort of 'healthy' California omelette with cheese and egg and hash browns and avocado - oh, and yes, a sprinkling of spinach dust, for the 'healthy' part.

Breakfast was delish, notwithstanding the fact that I lost on Keno while eating. I pondered the word notwithstanding. It's an odd word.
White hot Keno action in the Bone Jumper at the Nugget.
And again.
I know exactly what notwithstanding means, notwithstanding me understanding what notwithstanding means.

The best part of breakfast was the carny side bets they have, particularly the Golden Keno Balls. They also have a spinner multiplier feature for an extra quarter a game. After the game, a big wheel spins on the board to select the multiplier, which multiplies your non-existent wins. Unfortunately, one of the most common values on the wheel is a multiplier of '1x'. So, on a win of nothing, what's the bonus spin multiplier worth? (Who remembers this from Super Times Pay?) Not nothing... BONUS nothing.

Just when I rolled up to check my ticket, what was the Golden Keno Ball number? Why 69 of course.

Damn, this was going to be a good, good day.

I went back to the hallway machines after breakfast and made some money.
$250? Yes please.
 Then I went back to the triple-play, and damned if I didn't get on another run.

Dealt quad on five-play. I decided to switch to Double Double.

Straight Flush from 3. Damn I'm good

I got as high as 1400 quarters and cashed out 800 or $200. I was really hoping to hit some premium quads with kickers but it wouldn't happen for me.  I played for a solid hour, doing another $4K coin-in or so. And all of that on $20.

I felt like whatever bad mojo I'd had in the first 24 hours of my trip had finally been shaken. I took a break when I had nineteen quads under my belt. It wasn't even lunch-time yet.

And I wasn't done.

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    1. Of course you weren't done yet. What kind of idiot doesn't go back gambling after lunch? Isn't that the whole purpose of lunch? Wait...that's not right.


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