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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Make or Break Session

Day 3 - Wednesday - part 6

Feeling uppity, I decided to do my daily play on the $25 a hand 9/6 Jacks or Better at the Nugget. And I happened to notice, on those machines, they screw you on points. It takes $25 to get a point on them, instead of the usual $10. It's hard out there, for a Flusher, with crap like that.

I facetimed the Quad Queen so she could play along. It worked, and was kind of fun, but also distracting. I really didn't want to make a stupid mistake at $25 a hand.

Well, the high stakes play was uneventful. I was zero for two in that endeavor, but still feeling puffed of chest. The day was a huge success already, compared to everything that had come before it this trip.

This called for a decent dinner. It was still fairly early and I figured I could get a table at Grotto, the Italian place at the Nugget, without a reservation. I'd never dined here. Or anything else, for that matter.

Read my review of Grotto on Royal Flusher World.

Here's a sneak preview.

Grotto - it's all about the dessert cart.
The setting was wonderful. I got one of the tables with a pool view (which can work for or against you), sat with a glass of wine or two and relaxed.

After dinner, I hit the lucky triple-play machines outside the Spa tower elevators again, but this time, their luck fled me. Fortunately, I was drilling test holes and didn't go stupid down.

Then it was on to the bar. I texted the Quad Queen, "This is the make or break session for the day."

And it was. I was up $240 on the day. I'd either win or break even on the day on this next session (and yes, I was willing to quit just to break even, if that's what it took). God knows I needed to chalk up a winner.

I played at the bar, strict rules of parlay. Had a few drinks. Played some video poker. Enjoyed being in Vegas, at a bar, in the middle of things, playing video poker. Damn it felt good.

I parlayed up, lost. Started again, parlayed up, lost. I did okay, having a nice time and getting some quads but it came down to I had my last $100 of profit left in my wallet, plus the original $200 stake from the day.

What would a Flusher do? Go for broke? Balls to the wall? Where had that gotten me. Was I losing my nerve, or was I being savvy?

I pocketed the hundy and went to bed a winner.

What a day! I haven't counted carefully, but I hit around 30 quads. And a straight flush. Damn you Vegas, from one extreme to the other. You just don't make it simple, do you!

Day: +$100
Trip: -$2100


    1. Good call sir. Save it for the next day. Go get em!

    2. Did you get a chance to see the Uber Rouge Al Dente Sex Ed Chandeliers at Grotto?


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