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Sunday, May 24, 2015

They Call Me Mr. Pitiful

Day 3 - Wednesday - part 1

They call me Mr. Pitiful
Baby that's my name
They call me Mr. Pitiful
That's how I got my fame
But nobody seems to understand now
What makes a man feel so blue?

Nice as the Golden Club room in the Golden Tower at the Golden Nugget was, there was something about it that I couldn't put my finger on, something that made me uneasy.


So, here I was second full day in Vegas, I'd lost $2200 so far and a very, very long stretch in front of me. If I kept losing at this rate, I could never go home.

Clearly I either do not have the budget, or the mental fortitude, to brook that size of daily swing. I am clearly am not suited to the variance of full time dollar play.

I did what I should have done in the first place, and started working out a more reasonable stop-loss budget, and a plan.

Some say that plans don't work, that it doesn't change the math. But it's not the gambling math that you need the plan for - its your own stupid head.

Well, more than ever, I needed a dollar Royal. If I got that, it would all be just fine. Or maybe a dollar Boner Deluxe run like the ones I went on last fall, pulling $1100, or $1200 out of a machine at a time. I'd just have to get there in a manner differently than throwing $100 bills at dollar machines.

I took stock. I'd arrived in Vegas with $1700 in cash. It was gone. I had taken a marker for $1000. I had $200 and four dried up chewy partly nibbled tortillas that looked like something you'd find in Madonna's swim trunks after a long tough workout stashed in the safe.

So be it. My stake for the day was $200. I'd see what I could do.

You could have a lot of gambling fun for $200. For example, you could get up nice and early, watch TV in the room and wank six times until about 10:45pm, then go out and gamble until about 11:15pm.

Yeah, this was going to be a riot.

Yesterday had been an extreme day. An anomaly. An outlier. Was it possible to have two extreme days in a row?

Jimmy Poon Says:

Royal is in some deep shit! Heee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! He's in more trouble than an 8-bit processor with 4-bit RAM chips! Royal is looking forward to sharing more of this crazy trip, but he says he has to go to Kenny Blankship's daughter's wedding in Moosenee this weekend and he won't be able to post anything more until early next week.

So don't worry, and come back Tuesday and quit bugging me asking where the next installment is!

J. Poon 

    1 comment:

    1. Had a few trips were I ate up half plus of the bankroll within 24 hours of landing. There is only one course of action - Find the best poker machine paytable possible, drop in a hundo, squeeze her, don't tease her and never leave her.

      Hoping to read an incredible comeback as the trip unfolds.

      Viva Las Vegas


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