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Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Horse Walks Into A Bar

Day 5 - Friday - part 2

Nothing cheers a Flusher up like walkabout on a beautiful spring day in downtown Vegas and a plan for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants of all time - Le Thai.

But first, I wanted to see what the sitch was at the Downtown Grand. I strolled down there, past the last remaining pay phone in Nevada, and went inside.
Spring in Vegas! The blossoms are on the imported palm trees!
The Grand is looking busier these days. Even in the mornings there are noticeably more players than there were. That's because there used to be none whatsoever. Now, there are a few.

 I found a nice quiet spot in the hallway at a non-smoking machine. Do you think it odd that I smoke cigars at night in Vegas sometime, but shun smoke in general all day long? Again, it goes back to my cigar smoke entropy theory - the smoke always curls away from the user, in essence, bothering everyone else in a 100 yard diameter range, except moi.

Well, I got some good news as I fired up some 9/6 Double Double Bonus... I was granted another $100 free play! You rock, Downtown Grand.

And, today happened to be a 8x points day.

And, today also happened to be the day I nailed a nice straight flush.

In typical Flusher Fashion, I parlayed up in volatility and risk/reward to Triple Double Bonus, trying, again, to hit it out of the park. Ended up with three Aces and a kicker twice, and no reward. Did quite a bit of play though and watched the points roll up. It almost seemed like they were rolling up 8X faster than normal. Yes, 8X!

Having used up my freeplay, I set my mercenary 'Make the Four Queens Pay' strategy into effect - they were going to buy me lunch.

I headed for the 9/6 Jacks and put $20 in. You have to speculate to accumulate, like. Well, I got me the four queens.

Strict Rules of Parlay....

I worked up through 50 cents and on to dollars.

Hell yes I cashed this out. What a nice little run. Finally, it seemed like I had my old gambling mojo back. And it felt goooood.

It was such a beautiful day that my mood got better and better. And then there was free lunch at Le Thai, and a couple of hundred extra in my pocket!

I grabbed a spot at the bar, not wanting to take up a table during their busy lunch time. I beckoned Pippi the Legs over and ordered the Tom Thumb soup, and a lunch special - green curry chicken. I'd be stuffed but who cares, the food is so good at Le Thai!
Traditional Thai Tom Thumb Soup (with extra large thumbs)
Green Curry Chicken and brown rice.
While I ate, I got some messages from one of my internet pals, Brensan. She and her crew were headed downtown for dinner at Binions Steakhouse, and she graciously offered to host me. I was happy to accept. It would be wonderful to have another friend around on this solo trip, plus I'd get a free steak. I know which side my steak is buttered on!

I told her I would be honoured, and she said she'd let me know when they made it downtown. Nice!
Pippi the Legs always has a great joke or two to share.
"Pippi, tell me one of your jokes," I said, while waiting for the check.

"Sure Royal... okay. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, 'hey... why the long face?'"

I smiled.

"I don't get it."

"Here's your check."

Well, maybe nothing great happened as a result of that joke, but foreshadowing told me that when I went to the El Cortez just after lunch, something really intense would happen, something I would find exciting, and that's what I would write about... part 3!

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    1. You've got to try the short rib fried rice at Le Thai sometime. Too good.


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