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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Burn the Four Queens Bridges

Day 5 - Friday - part 1

Foam earplugs for a good sleep make, yessss. It was a new day, a new month, I had new freeplay, a new chance at dollar royals, a spring in my step, and best of all, I didn't have to shower today and stand in 4" of muck while doing it!

Live and love every day (that you don't have to shower), that's the Royal Flusher Way!

I may not be that precious about hotels but I guess I am pretty precious about coffee. Generally, casino floor coffee is mud.

The exception, so far, is Wynn, where you can get a decent cappuccino. And it doesn't hurt that the servers that deliver the coffee are knockouts.

So, Freddy here hauled his ass out on the street and down to the Nugget for some Starbucks to fuel the morning session.

I hadn't done all that badly yesterday in terms of hitting the play levels I wanted to hit. I did my $12K and $8K for Mrs. Flusher. That was enough to still get good freeplay offers. Maybe today I'd get on a roll and be able to ring up some great numbers without it costing much. That was the hope, anyway.

There's a really cute barista at Starbucks with dark hair, mocha skin, and deep eyes named Beansy.

"Hi Freddy," she said.

"Hi Beansy," I said.

"What'll it be," she said.

"Tall latte with an extra shot - BOOM!" I said.

"Coming right up... BOOM!" she said.

I'm a pretty good conversationalist when I'm giving fake names to people.

I'd hammered out a plan with La Flusherina back home.

I was no longer going to try to maintain top play levels on both our cards. I was going to play her freeplay and turn it into cash. I'd use that, and my freeplay, to do my play on my card. If I could get my $12K coin in while winning or staying close to even, great.

When the freeplay winnings were gone, I'd use my freeplay as a reserve.

As long as I wasn't losing heavily, I'd play. And really, isn't that how it should be? Answer - yes for someone who has limited playing time. No for someone who could play days and days throughout the year and hit the statistical return on this positive play.

But that wasn't me.

I strapped an upright on the inside bank between my legs, put the QQs card in, and punched up the freeplay. There was $200. I was kind of hoping Nick the Chameleon had bumped both our cards to the $300 level. But okay. I'd told him I was coming alone.

The goal, as mentioned, was to get cash out of the freeplay... and I did! I cashed out $300 from QQs $200 freeplay, and I did it without even getting any quads. That buttressed the Flusher stake a little bit, just a nice thigh squeeze like Bricks La Fontaine back home might give you if you met out behind the Flusherville fair grounds on a Saturday night. I loved being buttressed by Bricks La Fontaine, back in the day.

I was feeling good and I liked having the pressure off. My new approach was to cash a few hundreds to $20 bills and always play from $20s. It would keep me moving and keep me from repeating the Day 1 and 2 mistakes.

At the bar, I played a bunch of Double Double, $20 in each of 6 different machines, drilling test holes, looking for video poker oil. Nothing doing.

So, I decided to do some Jacks Parlaying, from 50 cents.

Strict Rules of Parlay...
I played the winnings on dollars, but got nothing out of it. Start again. I played $20 bills in a number of machines, on 50 cent Jacks. All of my test holes came up dry.

When I was down to $50 freeplay winnings left, I decided it was time for a super-omelette with Lucky Spanish Sauce at Dragnolia's.

I got seated and Mini Madonna stopped by for my drink order.

"Weren't you here... like, every time I've been here, like last night and..."

"Yup. I work a lot."

"Did you even go home?"

She laughed and went to get my coffee and water.

Breakfast was faburama, even if it didn't have, you know, The Gravy.

How to nickel and dime two 30 cent eggs into a $20 omelette.
 After, I headed to play some multiplay pennies and screwed around with that for a while.
 Hey, I got me a little puny penny quad.
I was done my QQ freeplay winnings, and now it was time for the moment of truth.

I went back to the dollar Jacks and checked the freeplay on my card.


Not $300.


I had $200 in free fucking play available, not the $300 that Nick the Chameleon, my host, had promised. Well, that was the last straw. That, along with all the other issues, cemented it. I would be unlikely to ever stay at the Four Queens again after this trip.

From now on, I wouldn't be playing for any stupid comps or freeplay, my sole goal would be to play if I was enjoying it and to win their money. I will not rest until I parlay up to a dollar Royal at the Four Queens. They owe me.

I played my $200 freeplay through and ended up with fuck all.

I took a long break and thought things over. It only made sense. I wasn't going to do any more heavy play here. I'd enjoy myself, try to win money, and the offers would be what they would be. I certainly didn't value a room offer at the Four Queens anymore.

No, it was over.


    1. "IT WAS REAL AND IT WAS GOOD...BUT IT WASNT REAL GOOD!" - Flusher givin 4 queens the deuces.

    2. Ya know station casinos has 5.99 brakfast buffets and they make omlets. $20 for breakfast is outrageous.


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