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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Burning Love SPF 5000 Red Clay Sunblock (pat. pending)

Day 9 - Tuesday - part 1

I woke up early, at 5:30am. I sleep so well in Vegas, and the bed at Luxor was scrumptious sleepytime nap-nap dozy-comfort threadcount pillowtop bliss. I'd been doing 6 hours sleep a night (probably twice what some of you degenerates get by on) and this was no exception - I was up and ready to rock.

First things first, a trip to Starbucks (my Starbucks name today, Victor the M). Flat white with an extra shot. That was the Flushie rocket fuel needed to lift off what was going to be a big, different, exciting day.

Coffee transported me to a likely looking machine, one of a bank of four that had full pay Bonus Poker in dollars, and shortpay on quarters and fifty cents. I still remembered the sting of the first 24 hours, so I thought I'd drill and parlay, since it had been working well for me since then. In fact, since, I'd had three winning days and three losing days.

I had some point play to use so I punched it up. It took my points and nothing happened. Then it told me to re-insert my card. But still no free play. I got ahold of one of those 'walkie talkie guys' and he called the floor shift supervisor over, a guy named Eyewhites Schnickelfritz.

Eyewhites looked it up on the computer and everything was as it should have been. In fact, the free play would be there as soon as I started playing.

The guy was fantastic with me (even though I was looking like his own personal Lumpy McTaint) and explained the system, which, to my credit, he agreed was pretty convoluted. He gave me his card and chatted for a while. Great service, Luxor!

Unbeknownst to me, the game I was on had reset from Bonus Poker to Double Bonus, which I have never mastered. So when I got a quad right away, I had a nice little surprise - double the expected win.

Using the Pre-emptive Strict Rules of Parlay, I was able to switch up to dollar Bonus Poker and play dollars for half an hour. Yet another chance to get that dollar Royal...

Well, I did hit quad 4s $200. What a great way to start the day, and I hadn't even had breakfast yet!

I cashed out a ticket and put in a $20 bill to play around with a game I'd never seen before called Blackjack Bonus Poker.

Blackjack Bonus Poker Paytable. Apparently, black Jacks figure prominently.
All kinds of bonuses were based on getting quads that involved black Jacks. I'm sure you are gobsmacked by this revelation.

'This would be easy!' I thought, 'How many times have I gotten Aces or something with a black Jack? Probably TONS of times!'.

I played it a bit and realized I had no clue whatsoever as to what the strategy should be. Finally, I just switched back to Bonus, not wanting to do something stupid.

And I was rewarded! I brought the cool remains of my coffee back to camp (in my room) and had breakfast from the hard tack and weavily biscuits I'd laid in. Okay, so yogurt, berries, nuts and a couple of prosciutto and monsterella sticks.

Then I slathered up bigtime with Burning Love SPF 5000 Red Clay Sunblock (pat. pending) and headed out on my big adventure.


    1. Wow, you are really taking the air out of the ball with this report! No matter, I'm still hanging on every word. Where are the dollar 8/5 BP machines at Luxor?

    2. Still with you mr flush and awaiting news of red sea parting and dollars flowing your way!

    3. You can find dollar 8/5 Bonus Poker in a couple of areas - for sure at the High Limit Bar, and there is a group of 4 of them not too far from the cage.


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