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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cookie the Downtown Grand Cookie Lady

Day 5 - Friday - part 3

Things were finally going my way again. I was up on the day, had the anvil of trying to thread the freeplay needle at the Four Queens out from under my head, where it had been hanging over my head like a heavy anvil. I was in love with the El Cortez and the Downtown Grand again, and I had an interesting dinner meetup coming.

There wasn't much evidence of the so-called fight of the century, which was scheduled for the next night, Saturday, at the MGM Grand. It didn't really impact downtown much, although there were a few subtle reminders here and there.

In fact, they'd set up an 'official' merch shop just on the corner by where the Hookah bar used to be. I went in there to gawk at the prices and see how ridic it could get. The answer was... pretty damn ridic. T-shirts were $45 and $55 and up, and there were some fancy-ass prints of Pacquiao in various sizes that went from poster sized to absolutely huge. The absolutely huge size was priced at $10,000. I suppose there is enthusiasm for this type of physical contest in this town and who - just who - who am I to judge anyone? Like the anyone who is so incredibly fucking stupid as to pay $10,000 for a Pacquiao wall hanging? Nobody, that's who. Live and let live is my motto, and that applies to the morons who would buy such an amazingly worthless thing that has no value and that no one should ever want, let alone pay good money for. No judgement here.

Next stop was the Downtown Grand to get some more play in on their 8X multiplier day. This time, I did want a drink and the Furnace Bar was just the place to get one. Because, after all, it was a fucking bar. (And still is.)

Shall I cut to the chase, or in this case, the quads?

Yep, I did all right. And was I excited to see that the DTG has taken a page out of the El Cortez food in the casino distribution playbook that has brought you White Castle sliders, and pieces of pie! Not to be outdone, the DTG had a cookie lady who distributed warm freshly baked cookies to all the happy gamblers!

Cookie the Cookie Lady forks over another freshly baked raisin disk.
Time for a visit with the Mikes back at the Four Queens. It was fun, sitting at the bar and shooting the breeze, having a few, and taking my time playing.

When things petered out, I headed up to my closet room to prepare for dinner at Binions.


    1. No! So bummed there is no 'next post' button!
      Great to have caught up on another trip Flush, can't wait for the rest.

    2. You are learning the hard lessons of gambling Mr. Royal. If you aren't having fun, it's time to run! And, no hotel is worth taking a risk when you did not run. Those are tough lessons, Royal. Remember those two things and in the long run you'll be a winner. (I don't care what the "math guys" write. I'm a gambling granny with tons of play under her belt.

    3. Was 8x for video reels and slots? If so would that exclude VP?

    4. A couple of people have asked me this and I don't have a definitive answer. Anyone know if 8x applies to video poker at Downtown Grand? (I'm starting to think that perhaps it does not, since it would put many of their games over the top.)


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