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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Keep Rubbing My Lamp

Day 11 - Thursday - part 3

What would a walk-through of the Four Queens be without an attempt at Revenge Gambling? I decided to play $20, without my card (lest I mess up my daily average).

I have not done well at the Four Queens in the last year. As I put it to my pal Kenny Blankenship, they "took a post hole auger to me and cored me like a lady boy pineapple".

And behold, four of a kind made its way unto my screen. I cashed and ran with $30 profit. Heh heh.

Revenge Quad at the Four Queens
Since I was in the area, why not visit the good ole Downtown Grand? Sadly, there was no more freeplay there but that's okay, they'd treated me well.
Downtown Grand Furnace Bar
And I got yet another four-to-a-Royal draw. I was almost starting to hate them because I needed a Royal so badly.

Four-to-a-Royal attempt number nine or so.
Got the Nine for the straight flush, which is just as hard as getting the Ace. So why couldn't I have the Ace instead? Huh? Whyyyy??? I parlayed, blowing it all back on 50 cents. Played another $20 and then headed back to the Cal, where I would need to do a decent day's play.

After grabbing lunch at the counter in the Cal coffee shop (Portuguese Bean Soup and halfa Chicken Salad Sandwich, with Salad Bar aka the Shaky Grandfather Special), I hit up my old pal, the Treasure Chest machine.

Thank you Treasure Chest! I decided to keep playing and try for that royal. I played about half an hour on the winnings, putting in $1290 coin in.

Then, I headed for the alcove to play some 50 cent Jacks and Bonus and try to parlay to dollars and thus try to get the dollar Royal that would save this entire ridiculous report.

I put $100 in because I knew I wanted to play for a long while, if possible. I held my own for a half an hour or so, drifting up, down, up, down. Finally, I hit a quad. I don't like to parlay until the counter is even, so I played another hand - and the very next hand I was dealt another one. Back to back quads. I've done it a few times before, but it is always a pleasant surprise.

Now I got on a fucking amazing run. I parlayed to dollars and just kept winning and winning. When I got up to $400, I cashed a ticket out and put a hundred in. I ran that up to $300, cashed out another ticket, and put another hundred in. When I lost that hundred, I quit.

Now THAT was more like it! I'd made a good $400 or so on the session and done a ton of play.

Feeling chuffed, I decided to try my luck at Boner Deluxe, which had been so good to me in the past at the Cal.

$20 in. Dollar Boner Deluxe. Take a flyer on it... 

First hand!!!!

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

It didn't bother me that the Aces were worth the same on Bonus, which I'd just been playing. Hell no, it didn't bother me a bit. Because that sweet machine had just handed me $400.

At this point I was up $795 on the day and things were looking good. I went back to the room and actually put money back in the safe. What a nice feeling that was. I took a power nap, rested up a bit, and saddled up for the last onslaught of the day - at Main Street Station where multi-play awaited.


    1. Way to go flushman! Congrats but gotta tell ya, the end of your stories leaves me a bit sad. Couldn't they go on for another 4 or 5 pages??

      1. Thanks, Frank Nic. You could read slower... ;) Come back tomorrow for more!


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