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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Playing the Rude Blackboard Game

Day 7 - Sunday - part 1

Moving day! And what a beauty it was, pretty clear, beautiful blue sky. I woke up in a fine mood, ready for a change. I'd be leaving Fremont and heading for the strip. Since I had the Asshat rental, I'd promised Blonde4ever and Kodidog that I'd drive them from downtown to Harrah's, where they were moving. It was pretty much right on my way.

We'd settled on a meeting time late in the morning and I had some time to kill - and as always, coffee at Starbucks at the Smug Nugget beckoned.

I pondered what to do about my budget. So, yeah, the budget. I had a bit of a conundrum. I'd be on the strip for a few days, and I didn't want to run out of money. I'd already lost my starting bankroll, and had taken a $2K marker. Sure, I could take another marker at the Nugget but then I'd be in quite a bit deeper. Maybe it would be a good thing not to have too much cash on me. And maybe it would be just stupid. What to do, what to do...

Beansy made me a nice flat white with an extra shot and I carted that over to the 8/5 quarter Bonus Poker machines by the Grille. Thought I'd drill a test hole and sip my java.

I put $20 into the machine and on my very first hand of the day, held two 4s and got two more for a quick $50 win. Now that's the way you start your day!
I played that machine for a while, not long, and cashed out at $60, taking the small win. I wanted to give triple play a try with my profit.

Well, I hit a quad there as well. and ran the machine up to where I was up $100 on the day. A good start!
Fremont looks so quiet in the morning, all you can hear is the faint scratch scratch of the rubbydubs' Sharpies as they write "I'm a vet, give me money" on hunks of cardboard.
I felt very safe on Fremont street early in the day. Not because it was deserted, but because the staff there had thoughtfully put out safety cones.

For my safety.

I guess.

I wandered over to the Downtown Grand to see if the Aces had been hit yet on their DDB progressive, and they hadn't, so I thought I'd chase those for a while. I went on a tear.

Boy did I go on a tear!

And yes, yes, yes, I hit a premium quad, a progressive no less, fours with kicker for a cool $260 plus.
Just like that, I'd won back all the money I'd lost the day before. I was ecstatic. What a great way to start the day and leave downtown. I had high hopes for the Strip now, and a big bump to my budget to help things along. It looked like I might be able to get away without taking an additional marker. If worst came to worst, I could drive downtown and take another one.

I headed up to Wagnolia's for a delicious omelette.

I'm kind of a knob in public. You ever play the rude blackboard game? I love to play the rude blackboard game.

You look at the blackboard or whiteboard or whatever board at a restaurant and see if, with one swipe of your mighty finger, you can erase part of a letter so as to make something incredibly rude and inappropriate. (Regular readers might remember the photographic equivalent of this where Wagnolia's Canal Breakfast Special became the anal Breakfast Special.)

Well, I saw an opportunity to try to make Royal Flushers Club - it didn't really work out though. I should have gone with the traditional "Ham Steak & Logs". Or the "French Dik".

Note - this happened... some other day, probably the day before. I know it's confusing but its important to be semi-accurate.

So yesterday, I got a table and Mini Madonna with her dark dark eyes and sunlight straw hair was there again - or still - or she has a doppelganger that swaps places with her every 12 hours... brought me coffee.

The waiter, Rashers Tampico, took my order.

"What kind of toast?"

"Hold the toast."

"What kind? White, wheat, rye..."

"No toast, thanks."

"Huh? White, wheat, rye, sourdough?..."

"No toast. I don't want any toast."

"What kind of toast? White, wheat, rye..."

"I want rye toast. I want it toasted carefully, and thoroughly, and I want it buttered right to the edges."

"Okay, sourdough toast."

I made sure just to order toast going forward. It was easier.

While I was at Downtown Grand, I got a text from Blonde4Ever saying they were going to eat at Bragnolia's and so I ended up joining them. Blonde got to witness me screwing with the blackboard.

Behold, lucky Spanish Sauce! And toast I won't eat.
After breakfast, Blonde4Ever said she had some freeplay she wanted to play. So we all went and sat at the dollar Jacks machines, and I talked her through the process of taking the Four Queens freeplay and turning it into cash that she could take from the Four Queens. She turned her $50 freeplay into $70 and took the money and hauled ass out of there.

It was time to pack everything up. But first... my Four Queens Mission, which was, as you'll recall, strictly to do two things. 1) Win Their Money. And 2) Parlay To A Dollar Royal.

And really, shouldn't this be the goal at every casino? It surely should. That's the Royal Flusher Way, right there.

I decided to again risk a small some of money on one of their better video poker games. Double or nothing. I wanted to take a bit of dough out of them before I left.

A couple more hands and I cashed the profit.

I was up a hair over $500 on the day and it was time to kidnap pick up the ladies and take them to parts unknown.


    1. I love so much when a quick morning run gets me money. Judging by your photo of Fremont Street, it was REALLY early too. I love that, like you go back to your room a winner before most people are even awake and it is like the day has not even started yet and you have the entire rest of it to lose all those winnings. Ah Las Vegas.

    2. "It was pretty much right on my way."

      No, you gladly escorted the two lovely ladies out to the strip. : )


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