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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Taco Salad in a Party Boy Bowl

Day 4 - Thursday - part 4

I'd blown through $500 in freeplay and $500 in cash and had done $20,000 coin in of my planned $24,000. I did not have it in me to hammer away any longer. If they only had some slant tops at the Four Queens... then maybe.

I took borrowed $20 from admin and played an old favorite slot - SILVER! STRIKE! And I got two of 'em. I never seem to fail on this thing, I should just play it all day long.

Needing to stretch my legs, I took a long walk around a few blocks of downtown - out of the Four Queens, past the diaper wearing mostly naked guys, past the 300 'vets', past the white trash trailer park naked pastie chick, who is uglier than a can of smashed assholed (but probably has a scintillating wit and an MIT degree), past bare-assed KISS, past grimy Squarebob Spongedick, past Titsy McDevilnips, and down past the Nugget and Binions, the scent of spray paint filling the air from the painting guys, and the screams of zipline riders losing their pocket change overhead. I turned right at the Vegas Club and walked down to the Cal, then turned right again. Past the empty lot, under the Binions parking structure through the endless bird shit, and then past Pizza Rock, and right again, past the dice mural at the Fremont, and back home again.

Went upstairs and noticed the south tower elevator was as grimy as always with a deep crud packed into the corners, and assorted stains on the button panel. It doesn't matter how many times I stay, the elevators are always dirty. I'm pretty sure you could run a successful archeological dig in those corners and come up with the missing link from 30 million years ago.

In the hallway, just outside my door at the Four Queens, was this.
This was once a Four Queens air filter.
What the fuck? What the FUCK?!!! Where did this air filter come from? The room across the hall? And from what decade? Was mine in similar disgusting shape?

Just... no. Uh uh. No.

In my cell room, I looked up my two SILVER! STRIKE! coins on eBay to see if they were the good ones. Blue caps or red caps or ball caps or something. They weren't, so they would get thrown back to the cage like a couple of 6" sunfish for face value, $10 each. A shower seemed like a great idea, so I set it up and got in.

And it was the same old Four Queens plumbing - within three minutes I was standing in water (and what else?) up to my ankles.

I usually shave in the shower but not this time. I couldn't wait to get the soap off and get out of there. Needless to say, the towel that I scraped down my feet with went straight to the floor and didn't get re-used.

Have I mentioned that the toilet didn't work right either? It has one job - to dispatch, with great fanfare, the items I place (however I so choose) into its receptacle. Well let me tell you, this one don't dispatch shit. And I know my flushers.

Now, I'm a cheap bastard at heart, and I can overlook a lot of stuff. I'm not precious, and I'm not always fancy. But this was just getting to be too much. You can have a serviceable place that isn't 'smart' and is a bit worn and I'm fine with it - if its clean and maintained.

Draw your own conclusions.

It was a sad state of affairs as I shaved and wondered about this trip, which was only about one third over.

I took some time to chill out, did some internet things on my phone. I got a little hungry so I thought I'd go and grab a bite and a beer, maybe play a little quarter Double Double, and have one of my little Arturo Prevente dick cigars after. Chicago Brewing Company seemed the right place for all that, so I grabbed one last hundy from the safe, and headed downstairs.

Rethinking things on the way down, I grabbed a $10 keno ticket and a table at Magnolia's and had a pretty good Taco Salad in a Party Boy Bowl.
Great keno watching table!
If you're careful, you can wear it as a hat!
After dinner, I retired to the bar at Chicago Brewing Company (which would be a great place to start retirement) for a very large Maker's on the rocks, followed by a very large Maker's on the rocks. I enjoyed my cigar, and managed to at least hit one quad.

The keno ticket didn't pay anything. What else is new.

But I'd survived the day, which was, once again, a losing day. Given that I'd had $600 freeplay, it was a pretty bad losing day. The good news?

Tomorrow was the first of the month and I had a whole 'nother round of freeplay to use, $200 for the Quad Queen, and at least $200 for me, but that should actually be $300 - because my host would have taken care of that as he said he would, right?

Day: -$550
Trip: -$2650


    1. Time to dump the dump, Flusher! With your coin-in, you could stay free in style, on the strip. Good luck - go hit a string of Dollar RFs ;-)

      Your #8 fan

    2. I agree- too often we've ridden out a casino based on history (good comps, good gaming) as they clamp down the play and benefits. Bid 4Q a fond adieu and find a new home.
      Now- go get a few Royals!

    3. That filter is enough to give me nightmares!


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