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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Cross-Machine Parlay with Hopscotch

Day 7 - Sunday - part 5

I decided to keep it simple and went for (almost) the lowest common denominator in the Luxor food chain - the buffet. My text to the Quad Queen: 'meh'.

It was okay, but barely okay, and the strangest thing was that nobody ever cleared my table until almost the last moment before I was ready to leave. I like to sample lots of small portions of things and if something is really good, I make a meal out of that. But I ended up just sampling and sampling looking for something engaging.

By the time I'd gotten my dessert, my table had six or seven plates on it. The thing was covered. I wondered if I should bus them myself.

I still tipped a buck. Karma.

At the desk on the way out I asked about whether it was true or not that the space in which the buffet sits (under the casino) was originally an arena that was going to feature camel races and such. We got talking about the old history of the place and eventually I asked about a server who we'd met on our first trip here. She'd worked at the old Nile Deli, and then moved to the Pyramid Cafe. We'd always sit at her table.

It turns out she'd gotten very ill and had had to quit work. I didn't press for details but it sounds like she's finished.


I headed upstairs and had to take a moment. It hit me pretty hard. I texted QQ with the news. You know that weird feeling when you are in a public place and tearing up because you've just been gutted with surprise bad news? That. I found the quarter progressive, found a machine to sit at and got my shit together.

I played $20 in 9/5 Jacks and it didn't do much for me. I tried a second $20 but switched to Double Double Bonus - and third hand, struck Aces again, and again no kicker. I'll take it. I was soooo glad I'd switched games. Because $200 vs. $32.50.

I need a Maker's Mark and I needed it now and I knew just where to get one - the High Limit bar. I'd do a cross-machine parlay with hopscotch and jump from quarters to full pay dollars.

The bartender in the HL room was great. I shoved some dough in a machine and asked if he could comp Maker's. He could and he did. A put a few bucks in the tip glass and within three or four minutes he offered a 'top-up'.

Our relationship was blossoming.

It took three test holes and $140 before I started to get on a run where I could just sit, relax, enjoy the company of the extremely funny bartender, and play.

Same Deuces, different view.
Queens were my best friends ever!
Sevens were my best friends ever!
I played for almost two hours this way and put in four or five thousand coin-in. Not wanting to put any more cash in the machines, and with (some number of) Maker's under my belt, I bid the barkeep adieu and stumbled around Luxor for a while, kind of wondering what to do.

I was in that kind of stupor where you are really tired, and you don't quite realize it, and you have probably had one too many. I was still up some and wanted to finish up.

What to do, what to do...

Yes, having hit the second-lowest common denominator in the Luxor food chain, I next hit the lowest. McDick's. I think this entire chain was invented solely for the inebriated who have lost all semblance of critical food thinking.

I ordered up a couple of McSpicy McChickens with extra McSauce. Probably a McStake. Oh well.

It's so true that when you first get McDick's it smells so good. By the time you cross a 500 acre pyramid, walk half a mile, and find your room, it smells like something out of the Bodies exhibit.

I ate a bunch of the McDick's, and stumbled to bed. I'd need my beauty sleep because I had a big day planned for Monday, with a once in a lifetime opportunity coming first thing Monday morning. I didn't want to miss it.

Day: +$235
Trip: -$2900

Yes, yes, yes! I eked out the biggest winning day of my trip this far, $235. Something to celebrate. With an extra McChicken.

    1 comment:

    1. Oh man, I would do anything for McDonalds right now. I am in the middle of nowhere, with no English and even it I wanted to try my luck, all the unrefrigerated carcasses on the street would deter me. What the hell does this part of the world have against refrigeration??

      Let me go back to my warm milk tea (that should be cold but...) and packaged lemon muffins. Blah.


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