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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Packing-Antipacking Time Warp

Day 11 - Thursday - part 1

The answer to the burning question was... no, I did not open the bottle of champagne vin de sparkling method champagnoise bubbly. No, that was reserved for a Royal. I still had faith I could pull one out of the hat in the remaining days.

Another moving day, today I'd leave Luxor and head back downtown. I used the SSST for the last time and took a shower, and then got going right away on the packing up, which I figured wouldn't take long.

Wrong. Don't ask my why it takes so long to pack up. When you arrive at the room, you bring everything you have in a suitcase, right? And the task is simply to put everything back. And then it takes you two hours to do this.

There must be some kind of packing/antipacking time warp involved.

I downloaded a show onto the niPad, and had breakfast out of the last of my Hole Foods stash. I was surprised at how long I survived without coffee, but there it is. I got to the point where I was pretty much ready to walk out the door to go downtown, save the stuff in the safe.

So, downstairs to play a bit and get my jolt at Starbucks, where today, my Starbucks name was Chapper Al.
I spotted a Flintstones machine - I love the Stones! But sadly, it was full up with the only vacant spot out of order.
I'd be more impressed if he hovered on his pointy head instead of his pointy feet.
I played this and that, and had another $25 point play to enjoy. I got a quad on Double Double and sipped my coffee while playing it through and keeping on the lookout for ne'er-do-well Russian Janitors.
Then, on another machine, I did do a parlay on Bonus Poker after getting a quad and then got the Aces, yet again. I was definitely getting my share of Aceses this trip.

When I was done playing I was up about $120 on the morning, which I thought was a good note to leave Luxor on. Next stop was the MILF booth to try to get some $$ off my bill. I asked to see a host and it was the damndest thing, it was as if they didn't want me to. Yes there were hosts in the building, but no, they wouldn't come over, they were in they hidey-hole office which you wouldn't be able to find, over by the cashier.
This used to be the waterfall. There were some machines in the space to the left. This was our spot for years.
They said they'd get one on the phone for me, so I stood there at the desk and talked to my new host. He walked that borderline between being efficient and being rude. Bottom line, I got $80 taken off my bill and he also sucked up $40 in MILF points to reduce the bill a bit further. And he said to contact him next time I was coming out and 'we'll make the magic happen'.

I wasn't overly impressed, but it was also my first contact with the guy. Still, I'm not sure if I'm a fan or not. I'd done close to $20K coin in at Luxor and would have hoped for a bit more in comps. But it is the strip so...

One thing that burns me is the resort fees on the bill. And then there is TAX on top of the resort fees. It just seems so abusive.

I wandered over to the cashier's cage and found the host's office in about 1.91 seconds. Just for fun.

Almost forgot my mission to Dickscalibur! Rumor had it that there was a Double Double Bonus machine with a very favorable paytable. I even had instructions on where to find it. Well I searched high and low, long and wide, up and down, east and west, near and far, back and forth, hither and yon and found sweet fuck all. The machine, if it was ever there, is now long gone.

Time to go. I got my stuff, hauled it down to the valet and picked up the Asshat. I had the same valet guy I'd had the day before. His name was Twitch Magnussen. We got talking and he told me he'd lived in Vegas most of his life and his Mom had worked at the Lady Luck. And he had a very clear memory of sitting at the Lady Luck waiting for Mom, and watching the valet guys run around and park cars.

It seemed to have made a lasting impression on Twitch.

I needed to gas up the Asshat before returning it, and I had a very savvy plan. Instead of waiting until the last day, I pulled into the Arco station on the corner of Reno and The Strip and filled up there. That way, I'd get to drive back to the Cal using The Man's gasoline and I'd save about 16 cents on fuel. Savvy and frugal!

I took a careful guess at how many dollars of gas I'd need and prepaid. The tank started to choke just as I got near the amount. I finished off the prepaid gas and the tank was just right full. Perfect! What a roll I was on!

Feeling smug, I opened the drivers door and winked at a cute woman wearing a halter top at the next pump. And as I swung smoothly into the driver's seat, something caught my eye. Something glinting in the back seat. Something misshapen, molten, sticky, gooey, and awful.

And that's how I rediscovered the beautiful caramel-topped brownie I'd been given 4 days previously by Blonde4Ever and Kodidog.


    1. are lucky you are far away from me right now!
      Curse you!

    2. If you hadn't filled yourself up on those healthy Hole Foods meals, I bet you would have scarfed that sucker down, and enjoyed it! The fact that you re-baked it like that does make it sound a bit less appealing

    3. Wow. Terrible comp. I was thinking a trip to the pyramid might be in order. No way now. Yikes.


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