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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Riviera's Last Day

Monday - Day 8 - part 1

The bed at Luxor was extremely comfortable. The sheets were as soft as a baby Pharoah's butt. I got up and grabbed a shower, noticing that the water did not pile up around my calves. So nice to have plumbing that works! The turbo-charged SSST did a perfect job of doing the one thing that it is supposed to do.

It was still pretty early as I headed down to the casino. I grabbed the needed at Starbucks - today I was Longdon Silver - and started the trek to the rental VW Asshat. I could see as I approached the strip that there was almost no traffic, which wasn't surprising for this early hour. It was quite nice out, kind of cool, window down weather.

I rolled my way up the whole strip and pulled into the little underground tunnel that lead to my destination - the Riviera, which was scheduled to be closed forever in about 4 hours.

The scene in the parking structure gave me an idea of what I would find inside the casino. There was no valet parking. There were no attendants. There was just... nobody. I just picked a spot right up front in the premium valet area, walked twenty feet, and took the escalator up to the now almost deserted Riviera casino.

It was a pretty strange sight, seeing the place so empty, somber looking employees here and there. Signs of impending closure, such as workmen securing the revolving door.

There were a handful of players here and there, the largest group on an automated craps machine. The pit was completely closed. The busiest place in the casino was the bar.

There is a full accounting of the closing of the Riviera on Royal Flusher World, along with an accompanying pictorial post, Riviera, the Last Day in Photos.

The plan was to grab breakfast at the nearby Peppermill. Can't recommend this place enough! It's bright, it's throwback, but it's not cheesy rundown or anything, it's a full-on success, busy, and with great food. And that's probably the worst sentence I've ever.

In fact, one might say it is "a timeless must-visit stop on the Las Vegas strip! The Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge is a classic with a cool atmosphere, unique drinks, and amazing food & desserts! Come see why the Peppermill has been featured in numerous movies!".

Okay, perhaps 'one' wouldn't describe the Peppermill that way, but their website does.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to eat at the counter, its too much fun to sit at table and watch the goings on.

Having said that, I've never eaten at the counter at the Peppermill. Maybe I should give it a try sometime. But behold! the goings on!

Hostess checking on everyone. So friendly, so nice!
I opted for a dish that had all kinds of good prizes in it mixed with the 'taters - peppers, linguica sausage (whatever that is), onions, and so on, and was topped with a couple of eggs and then cheese on top of that. Here it is as described on their menu.

 It was fantastic and I was able to finish it all without busting a gut or other part of my anatomy.
One time I had something that I think was called the Goggles Pizano Ferrari Memorial Omelette or some damn thing. And it was absolutely huge. I didn't even come close to finishing it. And this trip I found out why - they make TEN EGG omelettes at the Peppermill. I don't know what goes on 'back there' but there are some pretty sore chickens around, let me tell you. Because that is a clucking lot of eggs.

To complete the morning's Classic Vegas Trifecta, I had one more stop to make, pretty much across the street from the Riviera.

Yes, I was going to Creepy Clown Town - Circus Circus.


    1. "served with toast or muffin" but you don't do those things, I believe. When I look at the name of the sausage, I am reminded of the Latin word for do you think....?

    2. That Goggles Pizano comment had me laughing so hard that I almost climbed the wall.

    3. I really enjoy reading your blog posts, but I've never been able to read the articles (like the one about the Riv) on you new site. Pretty much any page just causes the browser on my nIpad to choke and try to reload.

    4. The guy in the fedora looks kinda like Bill O'Reilly.

    5. The entrance picture of my beloved Riviera and the stairs down to the casino is hurting my heart.

    6. Anonymous - I am having similar problems. I'll ride Jimmy Poon's ass until he gets that fixed!!!


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