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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Welcome to Circum Cizus

Tuesday - Day 9 - part 2

Co-incidentally, the Legendary Circus Circus Hotel and Casino was recently been named the most hated casino in Las Vegas America. Like one day ago. But that was by some guy writing some article. Nevermind that he cites some fancy 'facts' and yelp 'statistics' to back up his claim.

I've had pretty much negative feelings about Circum Cizus for pretty much the first time I ever laid eyes on it.

And yet, I've really never spent any time there. On our first or second trip we went to the Steakhouse there (which has consistently been rated as one of the finest in Vegas) and it was really good.

So why do people hate the place? Well, with the circus theme, they cater to some degree to children, not to mention the Adventuredome, which is an indoor amusement park for kids.

And, with circus theming come clowns. Which many people find creepy. At times, I do too. Depending on who is sitting on their lap.

And, there is the main color used in the theme - that particular sickening shade of cotton candy pinky-magenta-purply-blue that is so horrendous it does not have a name and, co-incidentally bolstering the creepy clown element, happens to resemble the color of a the business end of an adult male's slot handle.

And, Circus Circus is old.

For some, but not all of these reasons, I am starting to develop an interest in the property. If you know anything about my by now, you know that I like things old-school, and I find that progress, though wonderful, often comes at a very high cost of things that were simple and highly pleasurable.

With the demise of the Westward Ho and the Stardust and the Sahara and the Riviera and so many other old Vegas places (not to mention the removal of the vintage slots and coin-dropper video poker games upstairs at The D), I realize I had better start to cherish the ones that remain, while I can.

Circus Circus, you now deserve some vintage love baby. (No, I will not get on your lap.)

Since the CC was very close to the Riv, it seemed natural to plan a stop there and check it out. I did some research and found a very interesting game that I have never played before. It's called Aces and Eights and it has a pretty favorable paytable, with the added remote possibility of a huge score by hitting its progressive sequential Royal jackpot.

And with that, I motored the Asshat neatly into the back parking area of the Sickus Sickus, and bathed in the unholy purple helmeted warrior light of its so called 'Adventuredome'.

Not feeling very adventurous - indeed, feeling somewhat queasy from the eye melting reflections outside - I entered the casino.

I wandered around, taking a few pictures, drinking in the attention to detail in all of the vintage design elements that make Circus Circus the very picture of vintage elements in modern-day Las Vegas.

And then I spied my prey - one of the banks of Aces and Eights machines.
As I look over the pictures, I realize that there are all kinds of different progressive games. The one pictured above shows almost $25K for the quarter progressive (I think its quarters.) The screenshot up top shows $13K. My 50 cent quad shots below show $35K and $28K (two different banks of machines). So I would say, they are not all linked up together. Perhaps each bank has quarter and 50 cent levels unique to itself.

Do you think its impossible to get a sequential Royal?

I don't. But I do think its very hard to get two of them and I had one already this year on WinPoker on my phone.
Probably the only sequential Royal I will ever get. On my phone. For no money whatsoever.
Regardless, I went at it.

And... my card wouldn't work. Fortunately, a little man with a funny accent, who sent by the name of Leaky Shawarma had a little hidden booth just behind the door shown in the picture and he was able to fix me up with a card. Very friendly guy, Leaky.

So early on a Monday morning, the casino was nearly deserted. I was enjoying being able to try out this game and winging the strategy as I went. Quad Aces or quad eights both paid a progressive which started at 800 credits. Oddly quad sevens paid 250 credits, and the remainder of the quads paid 125. There was a progressive on the Royal and a super progressive on the Sequential Royal.

And then a very tall, sloppy, moon-faced, loud-mouthed greasy-eyed moron sludged his way out of the men's room, wiping his fingertips on pilled polyester pants and decided that this was the morning he was going to become my very best friend.


    1. I promise, the next post is a dilly!

    2. Flush,

      Love your writing but this slow drip approach is killing me. Kind of like going up to the buffet and getting one shrimp at a time.

      Keep up the great work and consider making the reports a bit longer.

      Impatient in Iowa

      1. Jimmy Poon told him that the page views needed to increase. That dang Jimmy Poon.

    3. Royal,
      As always, you make my first cup of caffeine more enjoyable. Thanks for taking long trips, and entertaining us in the manner you do.


    4. Thanks for making my first cup of caffeine more enjoyable each morning. Thanks for taking long trips and entertaining us along the way.


    5. Enjoyable as usual, however I am prepping for a colonoscopy, so anything is better. Ha,Ha

    6. We used to play a lot of this when we were home basing out of Casino Royale. A&8's can be played very accurately with a standard JOB strategy. That is one of the reasons it appealed to us. That and it's a 100%+ game at full pay, which they had for quarters then. I believe it is $.50 now for full pay and the quarter game is short pay.


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