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Friday, June 19, 2015

Your Scarf is Draping My Queens

Monday - Day 8 - part 4

I found a place to cash my ticket from Aces and Eights and wandered Circus Circus, checking the place out and taking some pictures. There are some marginally really interesting design elements here and there, you just have to know where to look for them.

Like, on walls.

Yes, on the walls, that's where they are secreted away.

The traditional half-a-tiger act.
Men in tights, light on their feet.
I had to go upstairs and pay homage to the Jill St. John Diamonds Are Forever water balloon game.

Fortunately for me, in this already over-perved clowny sex palace, there never have been, are not any now, and never will be any sexual overtones whatsoever to the Water Race game. That's the game in which a pistol is used to squirt a carefully aimed high-pressure stream of water into the greedy, eager, waiting mouth of an immobilized clown, thus engorging the clown's latex sack until it ultimately explodes. Probably in clown ecstasy.

That game.

These clowns have been around the block and come back for more every time.
One cool thing about the arcade upstairs at Circus Circus - I think it has some of the last Flip-It type machiness in Vegas. It's not like the Flip-Its they used to have in which you dropped quarters onto rapidly spinning paddles which fired them like bullets - but it was close enough. I dropped two bucks into the machines.
Let's teach kids to gamble, and all about the house edge.
Circus Circus has some lovely old coin-dropper slots - and you must use coins to play them. Something I've never seen before - wall-mounted coin dispensers. You put bills in, you get coins out, you go play the machines. There were hordes of coin-addicted slot fiends playing these things, some with rack after rack of coins piled at their sides, their trays overflowing.

I, naturally, had no such luck. In fact, I didn't win a goddamned thing.

As I looped around through the casino, I found another bank of Aces and Eights, so I gave them a try. I played for a while, and there seemed to be some players on the other side of the bank who were regulars and knew the staff well. A floor person returned a dropped item to one of them and after a few minutes, a very odd thing happened.

I was playing away, and all of a sudden, my machine turned into Steven Tyler's mic stand.

I have never faced a situation like this. At first I was a little annoyed, and then concerned. And then I thought it might be good luck.

But then the scarf started to slide down further over my screen and actually obscuring the cards.

So what's the protocol here? Pick up the very personal scarf with my very person fingers and put it back? Say something? Like, "hey, your scarf is draping my queens"???

Just then the floor person wandered by and I simply pointed to it. She took care of it and we all had a good laugh.

Goodbye, lucky scarf, back to your rightful owner... :(
It was time to move on. I'd done maybe $3000 coin in and made some money at Circus Circus. Who knew what kind of offers I'd get?!!!

On the way out, things crossed the somewhat creepy line way over into the 'what the hell' part of the gymnasium.

I found a food stand. It sold, well, I won't call it food. On the front of it were photographs of the food that they sell.

Now, as you know, Flushiepants has a tendency write lots of double entendre's and to sexualize clown situations.

I'm not going to do this, this time, because the pictures say it all. Enjoy these penises.
The 'glamourized' photos of the penis booth's goods.
The actual product. I think the ones on the right are the "Uncle Dick" size.
As if that weren't bad enough, I stupidly wandered through the gift shop to pick up a few lighthearted Circus Circus mementos.

And that's when I ran, screaming, out to the Asshat and on my way.

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    1. Love the last photo. Perhaps little Fabio can take one of those home to his grandma for her birthday. Yep, picked the gift out all by himself...looks like an interesting gift shop.


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