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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Bitter Sense of Ironing

Day 12 - Saturday - part 2

So far, I'd won big, lost it back, won a big hand on Super Duper Times Pay, and lost it back. What a see-saw!

Okay, it was worse than a see-saw.

Because it wasn't even lunch yet and things went so badly at Main Street Station, that I had not only lost my morning winnings, but I'd lost my $400 stake too.

I took another $400 from the safe, and rushed to lunch, so that at least I could say I'd made it to the afternoon on $400. I headed STRAIGHT to the Fremont.

Of course, Binions is on the way, so I played $20 there.

Fremont buffet. It's pretty pedestrian. If you hunt around you can usually find something worth making a meal out of, and in this case, it was the fried chicken which had only just come out of the deep fryer. It was piping hot and delicious. Score!

So! Fried chicken. macaroni salad, sketchy cheese cubes from last week cadged out of the horrendous deli crash cart salad, black olives, one square centimeter of lettuce (for health), sliced tubers, pastymatoes, and smoked salmon with cream cheese.

Mmmmm mmm!

I have to apologize for the blog posts for this day. Because as you will see shortly, following on to the triumphant dealt 50 cent Aces Kicker that capped the day before, I can't hold it in - it is utter and total disaster.

Okay, so I played some more multiplay Super Duper Times Pay and got nowhere, I played a LOT of Pick'em, which was refreshing because a) the cocktail service was outstanding, and b) I got to play for quite a while on not much money and c) I got to stink up the place with a Hemingpenis cigar. Oh yes, I also got to see a woman win $800 on one of the ancient coin dropper Keno games on a fifty cent bet.

There were no winning hands particularly to photograph, but I did take a few shots 'of interest', in particular numerous Royal Flush attempts at Pick'em. In fact, I had six of them, each one aggravating me more than the last. Never had a Pick'em Royal and not sure I ever will.

Yeah, I tried to win this way.
Mis-spelled 'BONER'.
A view of the casino, because you like seeing them.
Riotous off the hook gambling action at the Fremont Keno Lounge. Are you brave enough to Enter the Excitement?

After three attempts I got tired of sending pictures to the Quad Queen of my failure prequelles.
This ticket sums up my day very nicely.
I wandered out of there and hit up the Four Queens bar for a couple more libations. Why not.

$60 that's why not.

It was a cold day in Vegas, overcast, threatening to rain. It seemed like the day reflected my luck perfectly.

I hit up the Downtown Grand and as you can't see, there are no pictures.

Back at the Cal, I took a shot on this lonely 10-play machine I found near the craps tables. $20 only, I thought. And I got a hit, four Aces. (Forgot to take a picture I was so shocked.) And stupidly, I blew it all back, and then about $40 more.

Oh this was getting bad.

I got a Keno ticket and retired to my suite. I was tapped out of my second $400 for the day, i.e. that is to say, down $800.

Because I can be a miserable son-of-a-gun and have a bitter sense of ironing, I decided now would be a great time to pop my celebration champagne. I drank it, and watched Keno, and then watched some shows on my niPad. God it was lame.

For some reason, I needed to sleep it off a rest, so I did that, and then headed down for dinner at the Redwood Grille.

I started with the escargot and they were terrific.

They now serve this herb infused olive trough with the bread. I'm a fan, it tastes pretty good, but boy does it leave a mess. Or maybe its 'pilot error'. What le pain it is to clean up! (See what I did là-bas?)
For some reason they fucked up my steak.

I'd ordered surf and turf, with filet mignon and crab, filet medium rare. This very odd thin, flat, overdone, steak came and it just wasn't right. Turns out the order went in wrong, and when they get a well done filet order, they butterfly it, the better to cook the ever-loving shit out of it. Which is what I had on my plate.

No problem, they whisked the steak away, and I asked them to leave everything else. I really like the staff there, so I just worked with them to get it sorted, rather than getting in a huff. Maybe I'm not so miserable all the time after all!

The replacement steak arrived and was cooked to perfection, delivered by the chef himself, who apologized, and also laid a whole'other load of crab onto my table.

Add to that two glasses of wine, and creme brulee. OMG, by the time I was done I was stuffed!

Then it was on to finally play some blackjack. I bought in for $100 and played about 40 minutes. Of course when I was tapped out, I hit a double down situation and 'had to' buy in for another $100. I kept playing and on the last hand of all that, I had $15 in the circle and hit another double down. So I 'had to' buy in for another $20. And I lost. That's $220 gone in an hour of blackjack.

For the rest of my play, I did some parlaying. I played about $100 on 50 cent Double Double and managed to parlay it up to dollars. I was dealt three Aces twice, but couldn't get my oil changed.

This elderly gentleman next to me was playing around on quarter double double bonus and he was really getting, well, old. His daughters were around, helping him out, and he needed help, often. He'd get stuck in a middle of the hand, or accidentally cash out. Things like that.

It kind of took the sting out of the day for a minute. There are entertainment problems and then there are real life problems. Sometimes you get that reminder to keep things in perspective, and I find that it helps me forget my troubles completely for a good 10 to 15 seconds.

I glanced over and he held Ace, Three. God love you, grandpa. And I thought, "He's going to win. Of course he is."

He didn't win on that hand but a minute later, he was dealt AAAA and drew for the kicker and got it.

The machine was ringing up the credits and the daughter asked him, "What did you do?"

He said, "I just pressed the button and this happened."

We all congratulated him, and there was quite a discussion about what to do next. He wanted to quit playing.

He kept arguing saying, "why play any more I have this now!" And they are like, "Dad, we just got here, we've only been playing five minutes."

Apparently they'd just gotten off the plane and had arrived at the Cal half an hour previously.

I really wanted them to cash out that ticket and put it somewhere safe so I said, "cash out, put $5 in and go for the Royal - you haven't gotten one of those yet."

His daughter cashed out the ticket and put $5.00 in for him. He played a hand and then was very stressed that the display said $3.75. He went on about that for quite a while. He was just a mess but what a sweet old guy.

Bittersweet indeed, and who knows what life has in store for us should we get to a ripe old age (or even a green medium age)?

One of his daughters across the aisle got Aces kicker on dollars. And she was, "look I got it on dollars. He only got it on quarters." And then to me, "See, look what I got, much better!"

"Well.... well I had Aces kicker last night and it was DEALT to me. WITH the kicker."

Yeah I showed her. Another Flushie moment to be proud of. Jesus what a day.

Fucking disaster. I'd played many hours without getting any quads, and that will kill you.

I'd done so well, getting my losses down under two grand, which wasn't that bad for 10 days. Well, that was all gone to hell.

Day: -$1200
Trip: -$3060


    1. I don't know how to console you, Flusher (our sweet, handsome friend). Well, except to say.."Oh look, the crab was served so he could actually eat it!"

      You may have guessed (since you have a mind like a steel trap) that this is kodidog. I cleaned out my cookies on the computer and now can't figure out my password to post as I shall remain anonymous, but of course I'm not, really, since I just told you it's me...sigh.

      1. Thanks Kodidog! :) I'll get Jimmy Poon working on cracking your password right away. Come to think of it, you'd imagine by now Jimmy Poon would have come up with a way for me to win.

    2. Man alive! That was a very brutal days play. Hope things vastly improve and you can get that much needed royal.


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