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Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Hindload of Oxtail

Day 12 - Friday - part 1

I had a rough night. Tossed and turned all night. It was as if my veins were full of foreign super-strong coffee. Yeah, I put it down to the delicious but potent Vietnamese coffee. I felt like I woke up 400 times all night long. Stayed in bed too late.

Oddly, I wanted coffee. When I finally dragged my ass downstairs I cut to the chase and walked straight to the CW station at the end of the bar where Favorite Server Judy gave me a warm welcome and a hug, and poured a cup of coffee. I made her use real cream instead of Coffee Make. She obliged.

It was nice to catch up a bit. I asked after the Lucky Goat and apparently it is a prized possession and serves a very useful function right there on her desk. It's nice when a goat finds a new forever home.

First stop, the uprights in the alcove, convenient for so many reasons, one of which, I can see Favorite Server Judy hanging around the end of the bar and signal her any time I need a refill. The play went quite well for a time. Let's have a look, shall we?

Quad on the redeal. Rare!
Parlayed to 50 cents.
"Ace Kicker? You should have been playing some fucking game that I just invented in my head".
Here's a nice view of the cage, and the Burning Itching Sevens machines. Those two on the end on the right, those hit allllll the time. Almost every day someone hits the jackpot on them for $1100 or $1200. (That someone is never me.)

I worked the machine up to $400. I forget how much I put in, but I think it was like $40 or $60 or so to get it rolling. When I went to cash the ticket, this is what I got.

This DISK BOOT FAILURE message gives Jimmy Poon a DOS hard-on.
I played some more, putting $60 in but couldn't keep it going. Still, it was a good start to the day. I did about $3K coin-in and was up $280 by breakfast time.

Now, anytime I have a meal or go to the room while staying at the Cal in this report, please assume that I bought a $10 or $20 keno ticket which paid back a whopping 5% to 10% of the ticket price. It was so dismal, I don't even want to write about it.

Keno is a stupid, stupid game for a stupid, stupid man. You should never play it (unless you have some good numbers).

The counter at the Cal coffee shop was the perfect place for breakfast, as it is most mornings. I et this omelette.

It was a high veggie content omelette with cheese and Zippy's famous Island chili on it. I googled that Zippy's chili, it's quite a thing over there in Aloha. People even try to figure out the secret recipe, but nobody except Zippy's elves really know how to make it just right.

I still felt crappy, but was determined to gamble. "Gosh, how will I drag myself back to the machines?" I thought.

Fifth hand on the next session I hit a quad. I parlayed and hit another and before I could even come close to a Royal it was all gone.

When it was break time I was still up a little on the day. I hit the room for a nap.

After, I met up with VPDana just to say hello, and to prove that I am not a figment of Jimmy Poon's imagination. We had a nice chat. Great to meet you, VPDana!

Fucking Keno. $60 of tickets this time, won $10.

Maybe I shouldn't have napped. It was a longy too, and by the time I was ready to head out, I was hungry for lunch... hungry for Friday's Special... the Oxtail Stew!
The first Single Lonely Diner table they tried out on me. DENIED.
The second Single Lonely Diner table they tried to shove me into. REJECTED.
I got me a real table and a Hindload of Oxtail Stew. As usual it was amazing. I prefer the stew to the soup. It's heartier and has more 'goodness' in it... the goodness of stew.
Oxtail by the Hindload!!!
I still had a lot of coin in to do, so I headed to Main Street for multiplay. This next session would probably make or break my day.


    1. You don't have to invent a new game for getting a bigger pay back for 8888-Ace kicker. It already exists in Double Double Bonus Plus! Pays same as Double-Double, except 5 for Flush (vs 6) and pays 50 for 4K 5-Kings, and 80 if you have the Ace kicker.

      So sorry I wasn't there to explain to you that you were playing the wrong game!

      1. Argh, I shoulda known!!! There's pretty much a VP game for everything now! :)

    2. "Keno is a stupid, stupid game for a stupid, stupid man. You should never play it (unless you have some good numbers)."

      Make that two cheladas or one for you and the Queen.


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