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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

California Noodle House

Day 11 - Thursday - part 4

Dinner-time! I've been anxious to try the new California Noodle House and that's where I headed for sups. I was very happy to see some of the staff from the Pasta Pirate working there, and I was warmly greeted with hugs.

The California Noodle House has an interesting menu, centered squarely in globally inspired modernist pan-Asian coast fusion Pacifica-urban tarted-up trad street food nouvelle comfort-cuisine, with just a hint of je ne sais quois.

The decor is fresh, clean and vibrant, a welcome change from the dark, stodgy old Pasta Pirate, which it replaces.

First, you're served colorful shrimp chips with a dipping sauce, so you can peruse the menu and order a huge glass of wine. Which I did.

I opted for the Lettuce Wraps, which is a kind of build-your-own affair.
"Lettuce Wraps - Wok seared chicken, mushrooms, onions & water chestnuts, iceberg lettuce cups & a spicy black bean sauce"
After fumbling around with the lettuce leaves for three or four minutes like a high school boy trying to undo a bra for the first time, I said the hell with it, and just ate the chicken mixture right out of the bowl, like a high school boy motorboating the prom queen for the first time. Gusto! It was much more satisfying than all that messing about, and made some great noises.

Where the hell was my black bean sauce? And actually, the chicken was kind of cold and boring. It was so-so until I drenched it in the peanut sauce.

And when I got to the bottom, there was the black bean sauce, hiding out under the wing of the chicken, as it were.

For my entree I had Blackened Aha Tuna Surprise with weird fruity condiments like pineapple salsa.

The surprise was that the tuna wasn't blackened in the least. In fact, it was pretty much raw and a second very large tumbler of wine was required to slurp it down.
Aha Tuna served on a bed of 'thuh yella'. There is no disputing that that fucker was raw. And not blackened.
I was disappointed, I have to say. The presentation was beautiful on everything, but the execution was lacking.

Still, there are so many other intriguing things on the menu that I already plan to go back and try again. Maybe it was just bad luck.

Another odd thing, they have this great decor, the staff looks great in their outfits, but then they are playing the most stupid music you ever heard in such a place. Look at the huge blow-up pictures on the wall, the graphics, the elegant light color palette, the innovative menu and delicate presentation of the food.

This place does not deserve the bright green plastic aural astroturf of Lay Down Sally, and Nine to Five for fuck's sake.

I have half a mind to make a mix tape for these folks and show them just what they need. Some light, chill electronica, with a bit of jazz fusion maybe thrown in here and there. Think Avenue Blue, Janita, Bando do Sol, hell throw some Esquivel in there.

Having said all that, I have half a mind. Period.

I didn't have dessert but opted instead for the Try-it-if-you-dare Vietnamese style coffee. I've had this once before, and thought, what the heck. Basically, it's super strong drip coffee into sweetened condensed milk. You end up with a thick, flowing coffee toffee, basically.

I managed to get by with only consuming the top part of the sweetened condensed milk. It was delicious indeed.

Next up... over to Main Street for some multiplay, and then Binions where I made an interesting discovery.


    1. LOL. The Hawaiians that I know would slurp up that tuna. I'd be right in there with them. But "Blackened"? I can see your point.

    2. I feel obligated to buy you a chelada if we are ever in Vegas at the same time for introducing me to Esquivel. There is no reason or logic to it, it is simply destiny.

      1. Thanks Trix. Esquivel is something special. But you've just introduced me to the chelada, never heard of it before. I googled and it sounds awesome.


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