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Saturday, July 4, 2015

If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going!

Day 13 - Saturday

The trip was winding down and I only had a few days left. These were my extra days because with my original itinerary, I would have gone home on the red-eye the night before.

I was really starting to worry that I wasn't going to get a Royal. And I was, of course, wondering what the chances were of winning back what I'd lost. With three days to go, I was focused and determined.

Hell, I had yet to play any craps or any blackjack, save the coupon plays I'd done. All I could think about was I could not have a second Royal-less trip in a row.

Six thirty was a good time to get up so I got up and checked in with Favorite Server Judy, who set me up with my usual. She's started to turn down tips, which is kind of a problem. I like to take care of my people, particularly the ones that are pleasant with me and sometimes remember my name.

I've taken to buying her a $5 Keno ticket as a tip, something she can't really shoo away. On the other hand, with my luck at Keno, it isn't really a tip at all, just a five game exercise in numeric frustration for the both of us.

So, back to the alcove to start work for the day at the Cal. And what a great start I had! Observe:

Hell yes. Before I knew it I was up to $500. I cashed the ticket

I played another hundred just to see how far I could take it, and found out that $500 was the high water mark, at least, the only one I would see. This was going to be a great day. Wasn't it?

I tried a bunch of test holes at the slant tops and... twenty after twenty brought nothing. I guess the machines were playing exactly how the house likes them to play. I still had a cushion but it was annoying to dump $160 or $180 of my hard earned profit.

At the coffee shop, I ordered two over hard, I timed my hunting and gathering breakfast buffet run with incredible savvy so as to arrive back at the counter the very moment my piping hot two arrived. The breakfast buffet at the Cal isn't anything to write home about. For one thing, as most buffets and hotel breakfasts do, they try to foist 'bin eggs' off on you.

Who knows what it is they do to eggs to make them so horrible. They don't even taste like eggs. Maybe they come in a powder or a big plastic container or something. Maybe they are 'utility' eggs. I dunno, but I refuse to eat them

Having the Gold card circumvents my cheap nature so that I can get my eggs 'any style' and not pay extra. So it works out ok. By the way, the little cheeze blintzes are pretty damned good. Redeeming factor of the buffet is, of course, the essentially unlimited supply of Country Throw-up Gravy.

I moved the two over hard onto my plate and chowed down, watching the Keno board for the losing ticket numbers.

Fucking Keno.

So then I headed to Main Street for multi-play. And this is where it got a bit wombly.

I had some success in the pictures, but what you don't see is the horror show it took to get anything going, and the fact that I dumped everything back.

This hand was pretty sweet - a quad with 5x spinner - but by the time I got it I had lost all my winnings and was well into my $400 stake for the day.

I cashed this out and then drilled test holes like a good little Flusher. $20 after $20 after $20. I played Treasure Chest. I played Aces no Faces. I played some triple play quarter thing that takes 10 credits per row. I played Loose Dooses. On and on, and it all went.

What the fuck was going on?

Maybe I should have chilled like this guy. Only downtown would you see them tolerate a guy stretched out with his morning paper and coffee at an empty blackjack table.

I needed a change of scene. Because as Winston Churchill said, "If you're going through hell, keep going!"


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