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Friday, July 10, 2015


Dinner is served.
Day 15 - Monday - part 2

More test holes with the last money I was going to gamble - the cashback.

Had a glimmer of hope...

 ...parlayed... and then this. I had to give up a straight, too.

And I honestly thought that that there was my last chance. Four to a Royal, my 24th try at it this trip, one card away from monetary and swollen, oversized package salvation (not to mention an unbelievable end to this trip report) and it wasn't there.

I'd done $9200 in coin in which was enough.

My next text was this.

I wandered around, took a couple of photos, and then remembered I'd better set up dinner at the Redwood. They were pretty busy but took pity on me when I wailed about the red-eye and limo pickup and so on. I could eat if it was now.
I got seated and for some reason they forced a giant Maker's Mark on me. The nerve!!!

The meal was wonderful, as always. The French Onion soup, and the Lamb. Goddamn good. Creme brulet. Why not, it had to hold me until breakfast. Which is typically what dinner does, but whatever.

Nice to know I wasn't the only thing slaughtered.
I had time for one last gasp after dinner and went for it on Double Double bonus dollars. One last twenty. I actually made it up to $105 and had a chance for a while, but next thing I knew I was out.

And that made my loss for the day an even Grand. $1000.

Time to go. I zipped up stairs and... was locked out of my suite. Naturally. At this point, I should expect no less. It required a trip back to the desk and back up, I got in, got my bags, did the panicked room check walk-around dance, and with a bang the door, and my luck, were shut out behind me, never to be opened again.

The limo was there, driven by Speakeasy Lipshitz. Speakeasy knew enough not to talk to me at all. He must have read something in my face, or maybe it was the way I was crying crocodile tears and calling for Mama.

The airport was quiet, I did security, and the United flight was on time. I even had a proper first class seat and everything.
Savvy kudos for this unearthly, impressive, condiment stacking at McCarran.

Around midnight we took off and I fell into a kind of dreamy sleep that I only ever half as I jet out of Vegas after a trip, a kind of tired, happy sleep where I actually sort of see cards in front of me, but I relax because its in the books. I feel satisfied, and at the same time I'm already thinking about next time.

United gave me breakfast, which was pretty good. The flight went really fast because I slept through most of it. We touched down in Chicago and I switched to Air FU Canada. Into Toronto, then on to Flusherville Regional Aerodrome where my 84 Tercel awaited like an over the hill rusted out hooker with drooping bumpers, a great attitude, and greatly diminished torque.

I wish I could have given you the kind of comeback that you would have enjoyed reading, but that's not the way it went down. When it's good, I say so, and when it's not so good, I say so. That goes for everything in these reports.

I got tons of comps and freeplay, and if you come back tomorrow, I'll give a rundown of all the goodies I got in the post-trip spin roundup, and you can see how I can make it look like I really didn't lose any money at all!

Looking back on the trip now, I have a few regrets, but only a few. In spite of all the moaning and bitching you've had to put up with (not to mention the Quad Queen! oh what she puts up with!), the few dollars that were lost, and the blow to my pride for not getting any Royals, my God I had a great time. I really did. And I had some wonderful, wonderful highs, like hanging out with some terrific people, the time spent hiking in the preserve and the mountains, and of course, that amazing dealt Aces kicker, clearly now the high point of the gambling.

The shirt I got for that jackpot is royal purple and I am glad to wear it. That is the only royal color I am going to see - until next trip.

Remember, where there are credits, there are hope.

Royal Flusher

Day: -$1000
Trip: -$3280


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog your trips. I truly, truly enjoy the reading and I am always so excited when I see a new post. Sorry you had a losing trip but really it was a winning trip because you had a blast!

      1. Thank you for writing. I enjoyed all of it except losing. :)

    2. Thanks Royal (presume I can call you that now), great read. We were pulling for you all along of course and sad you didn't hit the big one. Yeah, guess that isn't like the movies. However, as you say great memories and there's always another trip. Makes me think..... lot's of people can't say that. One must consider that eh?

      1. Thanks F.N. Sometimes I do wonder when the last trip will be and if I will know it. Hopefully not for many years. I do often bargain 'if I'm gonna die, let it be on the way home, not the way there' though.

    3. Flusher, I really hate that this series is over. I have looked forward to coming home after work and having a new post to cheer me up. Love your writing almost as much as I LOVE Vegas! I've even gone back to all of your old blogs and caught up on the trips from years before I became a fan. Thanks for all of the work you do to share your trips. I know I can relate to the highs and lows....and too much food.

      Perhaps you could give up the grommets and just move to LV for MY entertainment?!?

      I just did a week in LV myself and wondered at the time if you were still there. Would love to meet you just once. But I'm not a groupie or stalker...ha ha...just a middle aged professional woman who gambles too much. There are probably many others who would enjoy meeting you too. So maybe you could announce your next trip and we can have a lunch or dinner to get your fans together all at once. We could treat you to food and booze and make you our VP rock star!!!

      Better luck on the next one....double royals! (Take QQ with you!)

      1. Thank you so much. I already have far too many groupies, so I'm glad that you aren't one of those. A Flushiepants Summit eh? Interesting idea. I do like to meet people now and again, so you never know.

    4. Your loss was my gain. Thanks for again sharing your Vegas with me in a way that only you could do. I really get frustrated when I watch you play the short games but I laughed aloud a few dozen time with this saga alone. I am also, already, thinking about the next time. If you ever get a little further southwest I will show you the best casino in the world. It's near San Diego and they really do it right there.'s not Vegas but it may be worth taking a side trip for. -Bob

      1. A lot of people feel that way (about the short pay stints) but in the long run, they aren't that short pay, and I don't play them for long, except at the Nugget. Well, on the strip some too. But quarter full pay on the strip is hard to find, unlike downtown. At the Nugget I'm willing to give up a percent for the better experience, nicer rooms, etc. It's a price I pay. Thanks for writing, Bob.

    5. "Remember, where there are credits, there are hope."
      this is such a true statement. although it was not a big win, over the 4th of July stayed at V/P.
      put in a ticket for around 50 odd bucks in their poor play DDB. got down to ONE credit. last credit I hit a pair of Kings. used the double up bet to get to 32 credits. went back to max bet and hit 4 2's in about 10 hands . cashed out a ticket for 404 credits (101.00).. that lasted me the evening and still had 100 the next day.

      Packer Backer.

      1. Kudos to you, ballsy double up getting to 32 credits. I put a nickel machine to 1280 credits once doubling up from 10. That was crazy. Many years ago, never to be repeated.

    6. Thank you for the fine trip report episodes...

      There will be a void until your next trip...

    7. You, sir, are the George R.R. Martin of the blogworld. Thanks for sharing!

      1. I appreciate that, and no kidding, I just watched an episode of Game of Thrones. Didn't he just die though?... :)


    8. Awesome report as usual RF. Bravo sir. BTW, $3200 spread out is only $145 per day, or 6 bucks an hour. That's almost even!

      A great read, and I cannot wait until the next installment of your Vegas escapade.


      1. Thanks wpete. Also factor in that I basically didn't pay for rooms for 2 weeks, and most of my food was covered as well. Damn, one little dollar Royal would have done it.

    9. Damn, I thought you were going to pull it out of your ass with a dollar royal at the end. Next time. Thanks for the report - I wasn't a huge fan of the shorter posts but damn if I wasn't still entertained. Keep up the great work, pal.

      1. Coming from fellow Royalty, that means a lot, King Tut. I really thought I was going to nail it too, especially on that last four to a Royal. Next time...

    10. Thank you for laying it all out there, losing et all... It's bookmark worthy and that my friend, no amount of money can buy.

      But seriously, get crackin on the next trip 'cuz we need some good story arcing up in 'ere.

    11. I started reading your trip report, went to Vegas myself for two weeks, got back and you were still at it! Great stuff. Thanks for the entertainment, looking forward to next time. Like you I have gone two of these long trips without a royal. I have faith they will come back! They always do!

      1. My last Royal was November 2014. That is wayyyyyyy too long ago. Hmmm, well, I guess I can't count the sequential Royal I had training for this trip. Grr. Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it. :)

    12. Was following the report with baited breath, then took a business trip and stopped reading for a few days. Ah well, it allowed for a binge here at the end. Wish the outcome had rocked more than your wallet, but so very, very grateful to you for posting these! Here's to days of future Royals...



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