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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Red and Black And Red All Over

Day 14 - Sunday - Part 2

Over at Main Street, I kind of cooled down. Did some Loose Doose, did some multiplay, some Super Duper Times Spinners Play.

Hot Towels wandered by, saw me, and immediately exclaimed, "Where's Jameson???"

That would be the Quad Queen.

I explained that it was a solo trip and I'd left her minding the store at home. I ordered a beer and texted this to QQ. When Hot Towels returned with the beer, I told her that 'Jameson' says, "Do it!".

Hot Towels laughed and said, "DO IT! That's funny!"

And she walked off pretty much shouting over and over, "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" and laughing.

Holy crap, I laughed so hard! I swear, we have ruined that girl.

After the above hand I ramped up to 10-play. I managed to churn through $1800 coin-in on $20. I thought that was pretty good, but would have preferred winning.

Change machines, start again. I was dealt four-to-a-Royal on triple play, attempts number 17, 18 and 19. Unsuccessful.

Okay, so I'd done some decent coin in but lost $100 at Main Street. Back across the bridge to the Cal, and I noticed they've put in some shiny fancy new machines. I checked them out and came across yet another (probably dog paytable) game I've never seen before.

I futzed around with it for a while but didn't want to put much into it. There were bonuses for all red and all black high straights (as pictured). (Sorry, this part got out of order in the last post. It's sorted now.)
Red Black Double Double Bonus nickel paytable.
Of minor note, a couple of days ago I'd noticed one of the escalators at the Cal was making odd noises. And the next day, it was out of order, and stayed that way for a couple of days. First time I've ever seen that, they get a lot of traffic and they really keep those things working.

Lunch was total over-the-hill fare - soup and a sandwich and salad bar. I told you, no mammoth bubble strippers!

At the alcove, I got things back on track and did almost two hours of solid dollar play, cranking the hands through, getting one step closer to that next Royal.

I cashed a ticket for $300 after that one. Put $100 in.
Quick hit on the ten play $20 and that's it!!!!

I decided to try a hit and run at blackjack and by God, that worked too. I played for about an hour and turned $20 into $120, for a $100 win.

I'd had a pretty good day thus far, my plan was working, and now I had to see if I could bring it home and win back $1200.

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