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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Royal Hunting

Sometimes you are the socket, and sometimes the burned out bulb.
Day 15 - Monday - part 1

This was it. The final day in Vegas. And in honor of the Grateful Dead, who hung 'em up, what a long strange trip it's been indeed, for cher Flushiepants.

I'd achieved a lot of my goals on this 54th foray into Las Vegas. I'd gotten back around to the very basics of the founding of the city, the springs and meadows that gave the town its name. I'd done some great hiking outdoors and relived my first stay at Luxor. I'd hung out with some old friends and met some terrific new friends.

As I wind up this trip report, before you skim to the end, I'd like to say thanks for sticking with me. This was a kind of different way of doing things and I hope I was able to keep your attention because it took a lonnnnnng time to complete this.

Impatience is certainly understandable, but from your comments and feedback, the rhythm of a daily does of Flusher for an extended period didn't seem to be too disagreeable, and many, something to hopefully look forward to.

I thank you for your readership, support, and attention. This blog does not appear out of thin air, but takes significant time. But if I can make one degenerate gambler laugh and say, 'holy shit, Flushie got it wrong even worse than I did', then it's all worthwhile (except for the actual cash I lost).

It would be the popular thing to have a single common name to address you all, but I, unlike Gaga, haven't thought of a good one yet. So for now, I guess I'll stick with 'hey you'.

Okay, onward!

Yesterday was easily my best day. It gave me reason to hope again. I'd done $11,500 in coin in and finished up $780, my best result so far.

And in fact, I had won money on five out of the last six days. That in itself is a pretty huge Vegas accomplishment. It all came down to screwing up that first day... and no Royal - yet.

So today was the day I needed to get one if I was going to get one at all this trip.

I headed to the casino and went at it.

It took four machines and five twenties to get something. But today I wasn't after chump change - I was Royal Hunting, and I would play back everything I won to try to get one.

Got a quad on Boner Deluxe.

Played it all back.

So that quad there is all I had to show for $2500 coin in.

I ate breakfast and dropped another $60.

Got this.

Somewhere in there I took a break and packed to get ready to ship out after dinner. I prepared a 'Birthday' card for my host. There's something she just loves about getting a hundred dollar bill in a card. I can't put my finger on it.

Over at Main Street, I lost $200.

It was pretty clear. It's weird, in Vegas days can take on a certain flavor, and once they sort of expose themselves to you, like a man in a raincoat, they maintain their character. This day was yet another one of those flat, ugly, last day stinkers.

My texts kind of tell the tail.

Yes, it was happening yet again. All the hard work I'd done the day before, lost.

In fact, I'd lost $400 in about an hour. And I kept ending up with 4-to-a-Royal over and over. And, I still had $3K of coin-in to do.

I got a five Aces on the Loose Doose... want to see it?

I spent some time sulking in the room, unpacking, and repacking.

I was definitely having post-traumatic, pre-traumatic, and during-traumatic stress disorders.

It was a great exercise in thespianism (acting, you pervs!!!) to make nicey nicey with my host and give her the card and tell her what a lovely time I was having here at the Cal. In fact, I wanted to leap the counter, rip the card out of her hand and salvage the hundred dollars and gamble it on the first machine I saw.

But instead, I went and got my cashback of $150, and prepared to gamble that instead.


    1. Hey bud....really hoping you pull a royal out on the last day. I look forward to the last few posts of the trip!

      -Guitar Dude/Josh.

    2. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do on the blog... your writing is hilarious. Every time you've got a trip report in-progress, I leave a dedicated browser window open to your index page, click over to it every few hours and hit refresh to see if you've posted a new installment. Love living vicariously through your stories. Thanks!


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