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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Today's Soup is Beer and Quads

Day 14 - Sunday - part 3

What a great day! I was up even more than before, and I'd done almost $10K coin-in.

I had plans to meet Mike from the Mike's bar for dinner at Pizza Rock, and at sixish I wandered down there (after raiding the safe for another $400). I had a little fun with Mike by telling anyone who would listen at the podium in Pizza Rock that "I was here to meet my man-date".

I don't think he was impressed, but we were pretty impressed with the pizza we cobbled up. We pretty much demolished the thing, too. Delicious.

Graciously, Mike picked up the entire tab for dinner and wouldn't even let me cover the tip. Decent fella, you should look him up at the Four Queens Mike's bar. He'll take good care of ya.

I feel bad slagging the Four Queens when there are people who work there that I really like, but I have to calls 'em like I sees 'em and if the host doesn't do what he's promised to do, then to me, that's a serious matter.

Binions, on the other hand, can just suck it.

Isn't it amazing how far a few bad customer service experiences, like a Binions pit boss being a smart-ass to his customers, can reach?

Now, to be fair, many of the cocktail waitresses I encountered lately have been so sweet to me. Favorite Server Judy, when I told her this morning about the debacle the day before, patted me on the shoulder and said, "You'll do better today, good luck..."

Another favorite at the Cal was going around today not saying 'Cocktails' but singing it. 'Cock-tailllls... Dreee-eeeenks!'. I asked here why, and she said just to fight the boredom on a slow day.

I bumped into her in a place in the casino I never play, and I said, "You're stalking me."

She narrowed her eyes and with a half-smile said, "Yes. I am!..."

She was so much fun today.

Meanwhile, after dinner, I found myself extremely close to the Downtown Grand. So I moseyed in and took a shot at their bartop DDB progressive.

I had a nice time at the bar, enjoying a few cold ones, and knowing, at this point, that I was going to have a winning day, and a pretty decent winning day at that.

The Aces were up over $700, but they weren't for me, unfortunately.

However, I was dealt quad threes and got to pull for the kicker and nailed it. Over $270 on the progressive!

Savvy progressive tip - don't wait to long to hit draw in a situation like that, lest someone get it first and reset the progressive before you nail it. That's why there's no 'before' picture.

Another view of my nice little quad with kicker.

I kept a decent amount of profit and hit the Fremont. Started with $20 and nailed a nice dealt hand.
 Kept the profit. Hit and Run!
I was done playing, but I didn't want the day to end. I took my time just wandering down Fremont, in and out of places, people watching. I looped down Main Street back to the Cal.

I had had a phenomenal amount of luck (aka Positive Variance) today. It was difficult to remember it all. I must have played 30 different machines, maybe more. No more Dump and Chump for this Savvy Hit and Run Champ!

This was my biggest daily win of the trip so far and it couldn't have come at a better time. I didn't hit $1200 profit, but I definitely made a dent.

And my God, I had enough fun for 10 Sundays. Well, as much as you can have without that golfball-eyed Susan Sarandon egging you on.

This was a very long trip, and a very long trip report. There was one day left to go. I needed that dollar Royal to turn it all around. One day would make it or break it and I'd be out on the red-eye that night...

Day: +$780
Trip: -$2280


    1. Mmmm, that pizza looked good! (Would have been even better with a meatball appetizer, though!)

      Mike certainly WILL treat you right....I am embarrassed to say. He made me three drinks after the Kir Royale was not to my liking (But Kiddo and Blonde polished them off as well as their own, LOL).

      Nice looking hands...will sleep with my feet crossed tonight, in case that will help with your last day....

    2. Regarding the Four Queens issue. You said earlier you were "promised" $300 in free play from the host. What was your mailed offer? I don't understand the need for promises when free play there is typically mailed to customers in the marketing comp mailers. You didn't mention that you even brought it to the hosts attention. You bad mouth them, but strange that there is no mention of you talking to the host about the issue. If he did really "promise" you 300, then maybe this was just an error to be corrected by them. Yet you didn't even give them the chance to correct it.

      Your intention to not play there again in retaliation as a result of this reminds me of some years back on another forum, when a Four Queens player, who played quarters, assumed that a hosts food comp offer for 2 rooms was a promise to cover food for the 2 comp rooms for his ENTIRE FAMILY. Of course, no casino on the planet is going to comp a quarter player like that. He formerly had a picture of the Four Queens as his avatar, and then changed it to a pic with a not sign across it and vowed to never play there. I posted asking him where else would he even get fully comped for all meals for even 2 people, as well as such free play and cash back anywhere else, and that he would be back. Sure enough, a year or so later, his trip reports started containing trips to the Four Queens again.

      So to me your complaint looks similar. You appear to be a quarter player with some 50 cents and runs at $1 VP. So I ask you, if you are going to stop playing at the 4Q because they "only" gave your $200 free play, show us where else you will play instead that will give as much cash back, $200 free play, and full pay machines as the Four Queens? Who else is giving you even $200 free play with similar machines, comps and cash back?

      1. You've made a number of incorrect assumptions in your reply, Traveller. I talked to my host about why my mailed offer dropped from $300 to $200 well before the trip, and he said he would fix it in the system. They raised the requirements from $10K a day to $12K a day and I missed it by less than $100 coin in. He didn't do what he said.

        There are many reasons why I am lowering my play at the Four Queens. In summary, they don't have as much that I want as other properties do. I'm not interested in their rooms. There's no more Hugo's comp on the $300 offer.

        I went over all of this here:

        Add to all that the crappy room I was given, the dirty air filters, and the host not doing what he said he would do and it was the last straw.

        Remember, this is what makes sense for me, it's more than just dollars and cents. If all you care about is banging those shoulder ripping uprights for four or five hours a day on dollar Jacks, then it makes great sense for you.

    3. Indeed that pizza looks good (going for it during my first downtown stay in sept) and indeed flushman, your reads continue to be great. Only wish you would see similar results in the VP column. Pulling for you!

      1. Thank you, Frank Nic. Greatly appreciated. Damn, I want pizza now...!


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