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Saturday, July 11, 2015

What Goes Around Spins Around Post-Trip Comp Spin


I arrived in Toronto around 7:00am. I had a short wait and then it was on to Flusherville Regional Aerodrome, and straight in to work at North American Veeblefetzer.

At break, I was going over the trip results with Jimmy Poon. He pointed out a number of things I could have done better, where my strategy was week, and why I should use all my comp dollars at Four Queens to stay in their lowest costing room for 10 days straight on my next trip.

I just about got flattened into the metal table as someone pounded me on the back with one swipe.



"Actually," said Jimmy Poon, leaping to my defence, God bless him, "when you factor in comps and set a nominal aggregate value for gambling-time experience monetary equivalent co-efficient of say $100 a day, Flusher came in ahead."

I think Jimmy Poon had just explained to Jackie Moosreiner that the fun had in Vegas has a dollar value.

Perhaps it does, but I haven't included it here.

Comps April-May 2015 What Goes Around Spins Around Trip

Comp Amount
Airfare on points, used extra for Business Class return$500
Golden Nugget Room 3 nights Gold Club$435
Golden Nugget Freeplay and Earned Free Play$ 60
Four Queens Room 3 nights$150
Four Queens Freeplay RF$500
Four Queens Freeplay QQ$400
Four Queens comp dollars earned$140
Four Queens cashback$ 70
Downtown Grand Freeplay$400
Luxor comps (2 nights, bill reduced by $180)$380
Luxor Freeplay and Pointplay$ 55
California Parlour Suite 4 nights$335
California food$250
California cashback$150
Downtown Grand earned freeplay$ 25
Match play coupons, D freeplay, Wipe 'n Swipe$ 50

Total Comps$3,900

As you can see, when you add up the hard comps - rooms I would have paid for, free money I got as freeplay, match plays, or cashback, and food I would have paid for, I did pretty well on this trip.

I only paid for 2 nights, roughly, out of 15. (I had my Parlour Suite at the Cal until the limo came at 9:30 or so, even though I didn't stay in it overnight.)

As you can see, the $3,900 nicely offsets my gambling losses. I'd say that I milked the system pretty effectively.

And yet, somehow, I don't have three grand that I used to have. I'll just have to see about winning that back... next time.

Royal Flusher


    1. Flusher spins better than a top on steroids.

    2. And I can't wait until next time.
      Thanks again Flusher, I'll begin the long wait for your next trip. Can't get enough of them.
      If I win the lottery I'll sponsor your next trip just so I have more reports to read.

    3. Its a vacation and vacations cost money and thats all it is. You like it, so spend what you want to spend.
      Its ok to spend 3 grand on a 2 week vacation. Golfers spend hundreds just to hit a ball across a field now that seems crazy to me.

      1. This is the only site I log into multiple times per day to see if there's a trip update, bravo. great reports,great gambling and great fun. thank you Mr flusher for adding to my life's joy.

    4. You don't add in what you would have to pay for taxes and resort fees if you were paying for the room and holy cow, put a value on all the free drinks you had!!!! :)

      1. That's a good point. For Luxor, some of the $180 they took off covered resort fees, so that was accounted for. But I didn't account for the Nugget resort fee. California and Four Queebs don't have resort fees.

    5. Royal, forgot to mention in my last comments - you have inspired me to stay downtown for a couple nights (staying at the Grand). After 25 plus years on the strip, decided to put toe in water and see what it's like. God willing, I will take revenge on the machines for you. Look forward, of course, to your next visit and reports. All the best.....

    6. RF, thanks again for the past 4 score and pi mornings more enjoyable while reading your blog. And just like a lost little puppy, your money will be waiting for you this fall, wanting oh so badly to go home with you. Perhaps an additional return flight ticket is in order for the bag of moolah.


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