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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chicken Tender Fender Bender (Aug 25-2015)

We headed down to the high limit room where we could get a decent drink (Jameson's and Maker's) and play some spinners.

We had a great time at it, except I managed to get almost no quads. Played maybe a couple of hours or so, but we each dropped $350 or so at it.

It hurts when those spinners don't spin much winnings spinnings.

Quad Queen

Quad Queen

Quad Queen

Quad Queen near miss. Holy shit, what a hit that would have been.

Quad Queen
With our whiskey down and our money down, we wandered over to Mandalay to play the Loose Doose. I actually did okay on it, if you discount the annoyance factor of getting dealt 4s, and two other quads, which rang up $5 each. QQ didn't do well at it at all and we were getting hungry. Looked like we were on the two meal plan today.

We wandered back to Luck's Whore and imbibed in something I've been thinking about hourly since my last trip out here - Original Chicken Tenders (tentatively known as The New Fake Colonel Can Go Fuck Himself Chicken Tender Awesomeness).

Holy shit are they good.

Slap on the gloves and ready the chicken, Bustamante! Flusher's Here!!!

Mac 'n Cheese? Error. Skip. Bad. Error. Uh-uh. Don't bother. Ick.

They arrived hot out of the fryer and were unbelievably good.

Hmmm, I just remembered that QQ's leftover tenders are in the fridge, not four feet from me.


RF: Day -$420 Trip: -$420
QQ: Day -$400 Trip: -$400
Freeplay: $50 in, $40 out.

    1 comment:

    1. Flushie! I don't see the best part of the original chicken tender meal....the original chicken tender special sauce! I think you need a redo so you can try this nectar of the gods!! -SkadooZie


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