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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Driving with Dave (Aug 27-2015)

The blog seems to be going okay. And here's something cool. Sometime Saturday or maybe Sunday Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way will hit its one millionth page view. Right now, we're at "998171 pageviews - 645 posts, last published on Aug 28, 2015".

Thank you for that!

A few weeks ago, planning for this trip, I'd booked the Downtown Grand for three nights. I had an offer for two and my host agreed to pick up the third, since, starting with my September offers, I get four nights a month. Almost no sooner had I done this then we heard that the DTG is up for sale.

I wanted to stay more at places where we don't have heavy play expectations, like we do at the Cal. But we needed a backup and I double booked us at the Cal, just in case. So for the next three days, we'll do our usual $10K coin in a day each.

To further complicate things, I had wanted to try the Plaza and take advantage of a matching offer. I set up one night there before I booked the Cal. They are matching my $200 Four Queens free play.

Anyway. On with the tale.

Just as we finished up with the Luxor host, I got a call from my host at the Cal. She had set up the limo as requested but the driver arrived at the Cal looking for a pickup to take to Luxor. (Perhaps an I.S.G. ?). Somewhere along the line, it had gotten all messed up. She assured me that a ride was coming right away.

Sitting and waiting in valet.
So, we played a little bit and after a while, headed outside again. After a ten minute wait I got a phone call.

It was Dave. He was there to pick us up. He was in the limo standing area.

Sure enough, there was a white vehicle with the licence THECAL5 on it. I didn't know the Cal had their own fleet of SUV limos. And that's because they don't.

Dave turned out to be Dave the security guard, driving a company Chevy SUV he'd checked out of the compound. He was super apologetic and explained that there was an accident on the freeway and traffic was jammed and we were going to have to take the 'scenic route'. I thought he would make a fine cab driver.

I climbed in the front and we chatted the whole way to the Cal. Dave is a great guy. He takes care of his family. He knows a bit about my stomping grounds. He has some great stories to tell.

Dave, also known as Aloha.
I loved the fact that the Cal found a way to get it done. You just don't find that kind of service much anymore. Then again, you don't find people that reverse limo instructions somewhere along the way much anymore.

We arrived in a fine mood. We'd scored the extra $300, we'd avoided a cab ride, and we'd made a new friend at the Cal.

Thank you, Dave!

I slipped Dave a 10-spot and we headed in to check in. Got our Gold cards, and a parlour suite. Dumped our stuff upstairs and went to see our host, who was very apologetic. I made her feel better though by explaining how we cleared $300 by not having the limo show up.

Next, we needed to register for a swipe 'n wipe promotion, and do the promo at the kiosk.

I scored 10x points on video poker, 15x points on slots, and Mrs. F scored 5x and 10x

We dug into the video poker and the Quad Queen parlayed up and hit some nice hands.

Things weren't happening for me at all.

We did a stint with me on triple play and QQ on ten play - I also tried some ten play - and I just got killed at it.

I had to go check in at the Grand, so we walked over and did that.

It's hot in Vegas, really hot. We have hardly ventured out since arriving, and its hitting 100F every day. That'll roast your Planters in short order.

Very nice room, I quite like the DTG. Much nicer overall than the stupid Luxhole pyramid room. Why oh why didn't I book Randyboy Bay next door instead? Never mind, 'tis done.

I had some freeplay at DTG and put it to good use.

Downtown Grand
We played for quite a while back at the Cal - I did about $5K in coin in. QQ was way ahead of me.

We broke for a really nice dinner at the Redwood Grille. French onion soup, glass of Mark West red for me, plus filet and crab, and QQ had a lobster tail. I finished with creme brulee, much better than what Tender served.

It's so nice to be able to simply order what it is you want without regard to price, thanks to the Gold card. The price you pay for this is an almighty ass-kicking in the casino.

The Quad Queen did manage to finish off her $10K and mine as well.

It was a good thing because I was feeling pretty low and not like playing much more.

You'll notice there are not many pictures of wins here.

RF: Day -$800 Trip -$1395
QQ: Day -$460 Trip -$1660

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    1. No photos of the Cal room? Would love to see it, Flusher. had an armed guard as your chauffeur....shades of sheiks and CEO's!


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