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Monday, August 24, 2015

Flusher Solidarity (Aug 24-2015)

Did I mention that this is to be, hopefully, a super frugal trip? Taking advanted of a pant-load of freeplay is a good start.

We thought we'd use AeroDinero points but of course the returns are all on red-eyes.

So I booked my trip one way on AeroDinero points. Decent flight times. Leave Flusherville Regional Aerodrome around five-ish, couple hour lay-over in Toronto, then on Roudge to Vegas. Arriving late, my time.

That booked, Quad Queen booked on her AeroD points. five-ish flight not available. She's on the 1:20 out of Flusherville R.A.

So, I'd have to drive her to the airport around noonish, come home for 2 hours, then go myself, then meet up with her in Toronto, where she would have been waiting for an interminal length of time. (See what I did there?).

I would never do that. I'd suck it up, go early as well, and wait with her in Toronto for the full 7 hour layover.

No problem. She has enough points for a second flight. I book again, this time on the same flight as her.

Flusher Solidarity.

Then I went to cancel my first AeroD booking. Because you can cancel it in 24 hours if you book online, right. WRONG.

I called to whine and plead and the wait time was 40 minutes. So I hung up and called in, and punched '2' for en francais. Wait time 2 minutes.

I got the guy and after a few ca va biens? I asked if he could speak English to me. Sure he could. He asked why I called the French line and I told him about the wait times. Then I pleaded my case. Basically, he offered me a $180 option that would salvage my points. And that was all. He stonewalled. I mentioned a case I'd read about online where a supervisor could fix this. He basically said I was wrong, that was never the case and implied I wasn't telling the truth.

Then I tried the silent technique. That worked about as well as farting in an elevator to meet new people.

When I'd had it with the guy I phoned back, punched '1' for English, and listened to the Devil's Own Music for half an hour or so.

Long story short... I got it fixed. I got my extra flight cancelled, my points returned to my account, and no charge. Where there's a Flusher there's a Royal Flusher Way. And that, is it.

Lesson learned, the 24 hour things are important to be careful of.

Supervisors can pull strings for one time only. They put a note on your file or should I say dossier. I'm sure they have a dossier on Flushy about three inches thick by now.

Anyway, we paid for one-way return tickets. And they were more than we wanted but what the hell, we have free gambling money in Vegas!
One of the Left-B-Hind inmates. I think she and Chippy are plotting an escape.
This morning, got up on time (!), got Chippy to the Left-B-Hind Kennels and Doggie Bingo Ranch, and got some quick instruction from Jimmy Poon on the C.O.C. system. I was able to log in from home and shout at Kenny Blankenship from the computer. Maybe tech stuff is useful after all.

Headed out to the airport and our flight out of Flusherville Regional Aerodrome actually left on time!

Man did we hit some turbulence in the clouds coming down though. One really big jolt in particular lifted me out of my seat and elicited a scream of holy terror from a woman one over and one back (thankfully not the Quad Queen).

Meat. Because flying.

We may have over-packed.
How many Starbucks peeps does it take to make a short flat white for Flushy the P? They were fun, they got a big kick out of when I told them it was possible to make an airport meal out of honey packets.

Half of these are stowed safely in my carry on.
So now we are whiling away the hours at Pearson, waiting for Rouge 1853 to wing us to the holy land, Las Vegas.


    1. That is some bullshit layover. You should get at least one full day in Vegas for every hour of your travel time.

    2. I am looking forward to this frugal trip- savvy approach on the free play Sir- well done.
      Safe travels and win a bundle


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