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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fours on the Floor (Fri Aug 28-2015)

I decided to use the DTG room in case I wanted to have a stinky cigar at night. So I packed a lunch, and a few things, my compass, cigar cutter, a change of socks and that's what I did. I had a pretty good night too.

Got up this morning and headed down for a cup of joe. The cute bartender poured me coffee instead. I could have made a fuss and insisted on joe but I'm an easygoing Flushypants.
Dawn breaks at the Downtown Grand.
The Aces progressive at the bar were a ridiculous $1100 so I played some freeplay on it to try to get it. Freeplay because I had one lone dollar in my wallet and that was it. And I gave that dollar to the barkeep.

Wouldn't you know it, I hit quad deuces. I forgot my piPhone in the room so I took a picture of this chit to stand in for the glorious deuces. (No kicker, though.)

I got busy doing some Veeblework, and updating this here blog.

She'd been doing some play at the Cal  Boy had she been doing some work.


I wrapped up enough Veeblework (which included stopping the size 7 grommet line two seconds after every time a perplexed Kenny Blankenship started it up again) to be able to play hookey for a while. I grabbed a shower and a shave and the Quad Queen headed over to the Grand to wait for me to come down.

Meanwhile she lost about $160 chasing the Aces, to no avail.

We met up and headed over to the Cal for breakfast.
The triple-play machine shown above has a separate progressive amount for each line. So why were all the amounts the same? I realized someone must have had a dealt Royal and nailed all the progressives at once. Sadly, not me.

They are doing a complete renovation on the Cal casino, and its going to impact things for quite a while. They have a huge part of the casino walled off with a barrier. The reno is being done in sections.

 Breakfast of champions at the Cal. Steak and eggs, and my patented "Big-ass" omelette. With side of portuguese inner tube sausage.

We've kinda been on the two meal a day plan, eating a big late breakfast, and a big dinner too. I guess that's good, it cuts down on one huge lunch, leaving more available calories for drinking.

It was time to do battle at Main Street Station, on the triple play machines. We went over, rode the scenic escalator ride down to the casino, and got busy. It's so nice, all CWs, the floor people that come over for scratch cards greet us - nice to see you, welcome back, and so on. It's certainly a lot better than the 'go fuck yourself' I'm used to.

As usual, and I don't really know how she does it, but for one thing she plays faster than I do - but the Quad Queen was pumping out fours of a kind like size 7 grommets on the line back home.

(I took pics of all of my quads, but only the notable QQ ones. But as you can see, she was rockin' it in the four for four department.)

 Meanwhile I was having a terrible time of it, going through hundred after hundred. At some point we changed banks of machines, from the ones by the craps pit, to the ones by the south wall.

And I ended up getting down to my last $10 out of $400.

That's when I changed to Slutty Times Pay, Double Double Bonus. Because desperate.

Well I rocked that sucker all the way back to $400. Here's lots more pics - the ones off to the side are Quad Queen's obviously. She had a great run on 10-play, racking up the coin-in.

Please?? DENIED.

The final scratch card haul. All $2s except for one $3.

The only problem was, I'd dumped the $400 back in. The new Flusher rule - if you make a spectacular comeback... quit. Otherwise, it's gone. Sigh.

I did $6500 coin in and Mrs. F did $10K coin in. So at least we were in good shape there.

I'm still stymied in the Royal department, continuing on from last trip. I've had 10 four to a Royal chances so far, all coming up empty.

We still have a lot to do, including reaming the Four Queens freeplay, and checking out the Plaza.


    1. You turned the Slutty Times Pay into the Savvy Times Pay. Nice slutty savvy run!

    2. Why did the 4 sevens on the $2 BP only pay 120 credits ??

      1. Good eye Lawrence. Actually, it did pay 125 credits, but the picture was taken before it was done counting up. Note the odd dollar amount as well.


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