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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Freeplay Frenzy (Aug 28-2015)

I was broke again. But it was time to play our freeplay at the Four Queens - $200 each. The goal was to turn it into as much cash as possible, and eat a couple of pizzas at Chicago Brewing Company on stored comp dollars.

And we have a boatload of them. QQ has $400 and I have $240. How am I ever going to eat that much pizza??

We could have a couple of good meals at Hugo's on that...

So we went and visited Mike at the Mikes Bar in the Four Queens and got cracking on the Double Double there. It went pretty well!
Chief Mike of the Mikes Bar

I turned my first $20 in to $30 cash, and my second $20 into $20 cash.

We got hungry and headed up for pizza and more free play.

Nice! No kicker, though.

The pizza was fantastic, as always. Try it.

The final tally of our freeplay conversion was pretty good so far. I had $170 worth and had $60 to go. I thought I'd try some 50 cent Jacks or Better and try to parlay it.

Holy crap. What a waste. I got blown out, three machines, got about 12 hands each if that. Seriously the $60 was gone in 2 minutes. I hardly won a thing, and cashed out nothing.

The results of our freeplay:

I'd brought one of those Silver Strikes from home, so I cashed it in, and played the $10.

On the Silver Strike machine.

I'm really good at getting those damn things, and I think I upgraded, because the one I got is a blue cap.

Here's a better look. Image thanks to
So now I have a new paperweight to take back home.

Next stop, the Plaza, where we checked in. I got a coupon book with two $10 matchplays on checkin, and got set up with the $200 free play match. The only video machines you can play freeplay on are horrid 6/5 paytable ones. Some at or near a bar, which we never found, and some upstairs.

The scent situation at the Plaza is indeed improved - they've reduced it significantly. Unfortunately, it was still making Mrs. F sneeze, so she bailed outta there and went to the Fremont for some Slutty Times Pay.

I finished off the freeplay and turned it into $100.

The room was pretty good, and the furnishings look familiar, from the same source as the Downtown Grand - the stillborn Fontainblew-it.

I decided to take a run at full pay Boner Deluxe. I parlayed 50 cents to dollars right away, got up to $70, then dumped it. This called for a cigar. I lit up and ordered a Maker's Mark, which they will serve on the floor. Small drink though, in a plastic cup, albeit a better looking plastic cup than most plastic cup joints.

I did about $80 of 50 cent Boner Deluxe, hoping to get on a quad run. Nothing.

Then I did another $100 on various machines on Boner Deluxe, trying to parlay. Nothing.

I was shut out.

Meanwhile, the Quad Queen was making out like a bandit on the Fremont Slutty Times Pay.

(Pictures to come later.)

By the time I gave up and headed to the Cal, she was up in the suite, watching a Keno ticket, all tuckered out from our big day.

I had about $130 left of my stake and played here and there. I tried 50 cent Double Double at the Cal. Nothing. Went to Binions for $20 free play. Nothing. Swiped the swipe 'n grope promo - one point short of a swipe. Played $5 more, got the point, won $5 freeplay. Nothing.

I played most of the rest at Fremont on Slutty Times Pay. Got on a run and then dumped it.

Back at the Grand, those damn Aces still hadn't been hit and were over $1250. I put my last dough into it and came up empty.

RF: -$400 Trip: -1795
QQ: +$840 !!! Trip -$820

Great winning day by the Quadus Queenus!

And now it's Saturday Morning and I'm finally up to date with the damn blogging.

The latest thing to happen is, I went down to get a coffee, got it, and sat in the room for an hour and three quarters pounding out this blog. Onward!


    1. Hi Flushie!

      I will be at the Downtown Grand two weeks from today. I will try to pick up any money you leave behind once I get there.

    2. Hour and three-quarters on a Saturday, and all for the vicarious enjoyment of your loyal readers! We thank you. We're with you thru triumph and's all worth it (from this end). And real-time posts make it even greater. Each and every post is a gem. Thanks, and all the best to the Mrs.!

      1. Thank you! Glad you likey. I'll pass on your best wishes.

    3. Heading to the Cal next week. Are the alcove 9/6 JOB machines still available during this stage of construction?

      Loving the trip report and hope you hit a $1 RSF over the weekend!!!

      1. The ones with quarter/50/dollar 8/5 bonus and 9/6 jacks are NOT available. I'm very upset. My favorite row of them in the alcove by the cashout machine are there but disabled. :(


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