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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It Was The Breast Of Times In The Airport (Aug 24-2015)

While hanging around the terminal in the comfy chairs near Starbucks, sipping a flat white, I saw a sight that cheered my heart - a woman whipping out her breast so her baby could enjoy a plump white. I thought it was wonderful that she was such a no-nonsense Mom, taking care of her baby's needs in the best way possible. We need more of that in public.

We sipped our drinks and did some Veeblefetzering on the computer for about half an hour.

Mom brought baby to the couch directly opposite us and I saw a sight that horrified my heart - the mother whipping out her baby's diaper so she could put on a new one. I thought it was not so wonderful that I got to watch the no-nonsense Mom, taking care of her baby's needs in view of my line of sight, when no breasts were involved. Do we need this in public?

Seriously though, she put a special pad down, she was so quick about it, and that sweet little fella (yes, complete with C.O.C. software and the B.A.W.L.S. module too) looked right at me and gurgled away, big blue eyes wide as saucers. I made happy nicey wavy noises at him to keep him distracted while Mom deftly cleaned things up.

Anyway, good on ya' for being a solid Mom, whoever you are. I was really glad she fed her baby in a comfy place, not in some stinking airport toilet.

As usual the Roudge flight 40 minutes late, but we were finally on our way. I watched some stuff on my piPhone and napped a bit. Had the red wine, apocalypse cheese and crackers (good till 2019), and chicken wrap, as usual. It was a pretty uneventful flight.

We landed in Vegas and docked at the terminal around 11:00pm. The QQ's suitcase came out really quickly, so win there. I didn't check a suitcase, I just throw three clean shirts and a disposable razor in a plastic Honest Ed's bag and steal clean underwear from her if I need to.

For transport this time, I booked the shared limo VIP service thingy with Bell Trans. First time. It worked pretty well. About a 10 minute wait to get our car, but we had a limo to ourself, and a quick, comfortable, quiet non long-hauling taxi bastards ride to Luxor, which was really good, since we are staying at Luxor.

Ten bucks to the driver for karma-nice-guy-why-not tip, and hit registration. No line.

I slipped a $20 bill under my credit card, handed the goods deftly to the counter-dweller, and smoothly inquired about complimentary upgrades.

To my aghastness, she tossed the twenty onto the counter, in the open. That's not how this is 'sposed ta work! She checked with her boss and offered a suite upgrade in the pyramid for $35 a night (instead of $55 a night). There were no freebies to be had. I didn't want it, but QQ did, so we took it and she snarfed up the $20.

She also laid a second coupon book on us, which has a $20 food discount that may come in to play if we eat at an eligible restaurant two different times - you can only use one coupon per table.

I know you are all excited about getting the real fun going but by the time we hit the room it was almost 1:00am, 4:00am eastern time.

For the first time ever in 55 trips to Vegas, I hit the hay without playing a dime in the casino on arrival. (This is QQs second time making this horrible faux pas.)

Had to do it, I needed to be online and live on a C.O.C. call at 6:00am.

The suite is just so-so, leaning heavily towards so. I checked the nameplate outside - its called the Beatup Suite. It features a well-used Jizzcuzzi. Which I won't be going near. The furnishing have seen better days - in 1994. Seriously, these are the originals from Luxor's 1994 opening, or whenever that was.

We thought about moving but screw it, it functions, and we've had enough of travel screwing around.

RF: Day: EVEN Trip: EVEN
QQ: Day: EVEN Trip: EVEN

Not really paying attention to fit and finish, are we.

The 'good side' of the couch. The other side has the cigarette holes.

Smells like a sarcophagus in here.

Seen better days. At least it works well.

Oh the stories the jizzcuzzi could tell. On second thought, never mind.


    1. I'm so excited that you got the food you wanted, on the flight! (Unlike me who got a substitute the second last time and nothing....when they ran out of food, the last time.)

      What is the cost of the pre-booked 'shared VIP limo' from Bell Trans? I realize that you shared it with one other person only, LOL..the Quad Queen... but it could have had 5/6 other people, right? Or am I wrong again...sigh.

      1. It was $28 a person return - about half what we used to pay with Presidential (same company now).

    2. Love that upgraded room/suite you got! I think that is also why (besides the bone-shaking fatigue) you decided to spend the night in the room instead of heading down to the casino. ;-)

    3. Sigh. You paid extra for that and they are still going to charge you the resort fee, aren't they? Sigh.

      1. All I can say is it's tough for me, being stupid and all. Yeah, they have the nerve to slap on a resort fee on a comped room.

    4. Have a little pride, Luxor! Inexcusable. You should count the $35/night plus prorated portion of the $20 tip in your "loss" tally for each day.

      1. IKR? I had a really good experience last trip in the Tower in one of them Player's rooms. Great wifi, really nice room. Pyramid boo, Tower yay, Luxor overall implode.

    5. has such "character". I love it! ;)

    6. I'm so glad I never took Mlife up on those Luxor offers. Ugh!


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