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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Just The Facts Vegas Trip Report Live!

Well, it's late summer and the free play offers are just piling up. I really hate to see them go to waste. Yes I do...

I started lobbying the Quad Queen for a quickie trip to 'pick up' our free play. I wasn't getting much anywhere though.

Meanwhile at work at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer (where I exchange my daily dose of consciousness to The Man for $19 an hour and a parking spot in the 'D' lot, and make thousands and thousands of little tiny size 7 grommets, all mostly alike) they are putting in some new tech. It's spying remote observational and command and control software, kind of like those little D-link cameras you probably have that also don't work for a flying fuck.

Jimmy Poon's tech prowess has gotten around a bit and he's involved in the project. And he gave me first dibs on taking a few days off the line and doing some remote testing. I even got to attend a meeting in the Board Room. That conniving untrustworthy mouth-breathing boss Norbert (who porked and won the owner's daughter) was doing boss-like things (putting balls annoyingly across the carpet), not really paying attention.

"So with the Command, Oversee, Control software we've put in, we can monitor the line, check on alarms, observe different parts of the equipment, check compliance ratios on the fly, run reports, and so own. And it can all be done remotely," said Jimmy Poon.

"And, we need some testers for this C.O.C. software."

I winked at Jimmy Poon and nodded in Norbert's direction.

"So, you said this is remote software, right? Like, a remote C.O.C. setup..." I said, stating the obvious.


"And the point is to be physically removed from the plant, and we should be able to grab the C.O.C. feed from anywhere, right? It can be... thrust onto any browser, right?"


"So wouldn't it be a good idea if we set up our computers outside the plant to do the testing?"

I let the idea hang on the soft whishhhh of the air conditioning for a few moments. This was the decider.

"I think that would make for a solid test," said Jimmy. "Norbert?..."

Just at that moment, Norbert sunk a putt, the first he'd managed since the meeting had started.

"YES! Sure, what?... umm... what?"

"Remote testing. OK with you?"

"Well yeah, Jimmy, isn't that the point of having our own C.O.C.?"

I smiled.

That night, I broke the news to the Quad Queen.

"I'm going to Vegas. I'm going to do remote C.O.C. testing! And I can pick up our free play!"

"First of all, keep your C.O.C. to yourself. And book a ticket for me too. I'll figure something out."

So, we're headed to Las Vegas... tomorrow, Monday, August 23rd.

I cut my teeth doing live trip reports, and I haven't done one in a while. And last trip got a bit, errr, lengthy. Which is ok, I enjoyed being able to slather on the detail.

But to cover those of you that want the live magilla, this one is coming at you as it happens, just the facts, ma'am.


    1. Make them as lengthy as you want - I like 'em LONG! ;-)

    2. Hmmm, there are facts and then there are facts.....I'll be waiting.

    3. Wahooo! can't wait to read the posts!

    4. So Jimmy Poon is kinda like your Red. Sprung ya for a few days in the sun while slathering tar on the license plate factory roof? lol


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