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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

MobiLEEEAN, MobiLEEEAN! (Aug 25-2015)

I had downloaded some movies and shows to my piPhone 3.14 (the Plex system Jimmy Poon set up for me to watch even more television) is the absolute bomb.

But I needed some kind of a stand for the phone, for even easier leisure-time plane-watching. God forbid I should have to use a couple of finger muscles hold up a device, that, given once glance, would have made Alexander Graham Bell turgid for months.

I found just the thing, a really cool little thing called MobiLean. The Korean sales lady was quite enamoured of my country and western twang as I sang out "MobiLEAAAAN, MobiLEAAAAN, MobiLEAAAAN, MobiLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAN, don't take my phone just because you can -hyuh!" at the top of my lungs.

Seven bucks in the Pearson airport Samsonite store. Sing for the Flusher discount. Another note - the x-ray guy at Pearson asked me if 'it was my first time to Vegas'.

"Fifty-fifth time, sir. I go there to visit my money."

Works every time.

But who cares about all that? I woke up in VEGAS!!!!

Didn't even have time to grab a coffee before the first call at 6:00am. But managed that, then raced down to Starbucks, where I was "Pigskin Pete" today, according to my cup.

Keeping to my low-rolling plan, I got the gambling started. YES! GAMBLING! FINALLY!!!! And played $100 in dollar Bonus Poker. Gone in 3 minutes. Back to the room for C.O.C. work.

Later in the morning, managed to squeeze in some play. Don't ask what is in those glasses on the bar.

A host of  Angles blessing Boner Deluxe.
We both broke the quad ice with Boner Deluxe. Then it was on to a healthy breakfast at the Pyramid Cafe, which isn't a Pyramid, and isn't a Cafe for 2/3 of the day. Only open 6:00am till 2:00pm. That's how bad the suits have fucked up Luxor.

Steak and Heggs for the QQ.
My name is CTUG and I'm coming for your heart, mofo!

In the latest of my brain-fart fuckups, yes I set up Roam for both of us, no I didn't remember that QQ's new phone has to be unlocked for it to work.

So, she is using the Rogers roaming plan for the trip, which I'm not fond of.

I got on chat to the folks at Roam Mobility and explained the situation. Normally, they will let you reschedule a purchased plan as long as you do it before you are more than a few hours into the plan. I was almost a day late.

We use Roam mobility every trip to the US and I really like it. They were the first to bring a reasonably priced US cell service to Canadians.

Anyway, even though I was a little outside of their policy, I was able to work a compromise with them, and the plan is scheduled for the next trip to the US, and I won't be out my $40 or so.

A big, big thank-you to Roam Mobility!
We were both pretty tired out from trip, and I opted for a nap, while the Quad Queen went on a quad run.

Here's how it looked:

Nice to see her having a lot of fun while I'm stuck with Veeblefetzer work in the room.

More to come, of course!

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