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Monday, August 31, 2015

Murchison and Bryce Make an Urbanaughtical Splash (Aug 30-2015)

We got our luggage down to the lobby of the Cal exactly at 2:00pm. We figured we'd wait outside on the bench. It was hot. Really hot.

Ten minutes went by. No limo.

I looked around the corner. Nothing. I went and asked the bag guys and they looked on the list. Not on the list. The bag guys called our host. She said it was the Main Street limo, not Bell Trans. They were having a small issue with the battery but would be there right away.

We waited inside.

Another ten minutes. No limo.

I went to see my host. She phoned over and they were still working on the battery. Go wait.

Another ten minutes. No limo.

What. The. Flying. Fuck?

How was it possible? How could it happen? How could not one but two limo transfers go so horribly, painfully wrong.

Our host showed up with hugs, kisses, apologies, and no limo. But someone was coming right away to take us to Wynn.

I know what you're thinking.

Well, at least we had transportation and it wasn't a cab. We had a pleasant uneventful ride to Wynn. Apparently the Main Street limo had an alternator problem. They could smell smoke when they turned it over. It was toast, for now.

Unbelievable. Two limo rides, two security guards driving us in the corporate utility vehicle.

Anyway, we were at Wynn. We checked in and the room wasn't quite ready.

 We sat and had a drink and played a little short pay VP. I hit our first Wynn quad of, hopefully, many.
We upgraded to a panamoron suite for an extra $25 a night, in order to have a better view of any fires or other calamities that might break out in the Las Vegas valley.

The room at Wynn is quite nicely appointed. Attention to detail is evident in the way the faucet handles are skillfully centered.

We admired the view for a while.
We're not sure what happened but we saw the fire from start to finish. Hopefully nobody was hurt.

Then down to the casino!

And let me just say this. There are almost no pictures of any wins to follow.

That's because there weren't any.

We both went on an incredible bad luck streak.

I ran this up to $270 and lost it all back playing dollars. 

We were both down on the day and headed to the buffet for dinner.

Wynn is a fantastic place to bone up on the latest in person fashion expression.

Murchison and Bryce make an urbanaughtical splash at the Wynn Buffet.
International Rescue... calling International Rescue...
Hmmm. Maybe these didn't go out of fashion.
A white suit is always a great choice for a big helping of ravioli in marinara at the buffet.
Things I ate:
- four kinds of cheese cubes
- monsterella and cherry tomatoes in balsamic juice
- capicola
- slam-me
- two street tacos with salsa, hot sauce, sour cream, guac, and fresh cilantro, which were amazing
- Wisconsin cheese sausage (not to be confused with the Trouser sausage)
- crab legs with skank butter
- two more street tacos with salsa, hot sauce, sour cream, guac, and fresh cilantro, which were amazing
- more capicola
- a bite of QQ's prime rib
- creme brulee
- cheesecake shot

As always, it was great.

The gambling that followed, wasn't. We played triple play double double spinners. It was like pouring money into a drain.

There are no pictures. We hit nothing. It was brutal. I had 4 four-to-a-royals today at Wynn. Empty.

I really have to wonder... where my Royal luck is. Actually, where OUR Royal luck is. The trip in January this year we both had maybe 20 attempts from four. And in my two week solo trip I had about 30 or so. And so far this trip I've had 20 attempts and QQ is not far behind. That makes a combined 110 or 120 attempts from four, which should hit, on average, every 47 tries. That doesn't mean you are guaranteed a Royal after 47 tries, but one would have to agree that we are starting to stretch the odds a bit in the Royal department.

RF: Day: -$600 Trip: -$1560
QQ: Day: -$500 Trip: -$1640
Combined: -$3200 - but we did get two free limo rides.


    1. "panamoron suite" that!
      Praying for some luck for you guys!

    2. Flusher - you know how i always love reading about your adventures (and sometimes i love the adventures themselves). I love them so much that i could probably comment on something every day that causes me to LOL. However, i just finished binging on quite a few of your recent entries (after my busy weekend where i lost track of where i was in your TR) and i come to this GEM with the Binions 'special needs' pic in your suite!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!


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