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Sunday, August 23, 2015

One More Sleep

Half the Flusher Bankroll
It just happened that a whole bunch of offers came together in a way that made it really hard to resist going to Vegas. Twist my arm, why doncha.

One thing I really hate is having a bunch of free play offers that are going to expire.

For starters, the Plaza sent an offer match, good till Sept 30th. I figured I could use one of my Four Queens $200 free play offers on that.

And I have $200 at Four Queens for July/Aug, and the Quad Queen has the same. And, we each have $200 in September/October.

That's $200+$200+$200+$200+$200 = $1000 right there, and a chance to wreak some Royal revenge on the Four Queens machines that have been so cruel (and Royal-less) to me for the past couple of years.

I had a MILF offer that threw in a couple of nights plus $40. 

And a Wynn offer for a couple of nights plus $100.

And Downtown Grand for August,  $30, September $60.

The D $5 and $20 match plays for August and September.

The Cal $60 total, plus point multiplier (up to 50x points)

It's pretty tempting, yes?

The goals for this trip are to low roll somewhat, trying to stay at places where we are not worried about maintaining a relationship, and also trying out the Plaza to see if we want to build a relationship.

The Downtown Grand liked my somewhat earnest play last May - they are now throwing four free nights plus $60 plus some food every month.

I booked them for three nights, and last week they went up for sale. Oopsies. Last minute, I can always count on my host at the Cal, and she came through again with a quickie reservation. So we will have to play heavy for at least 2-3 days this trip.

The other days, we can coast.

Some goals:

Play a lot of deuces! Something we haven't done in ages. I hear the Loose Doose calling me!
Play a lot of quarters.
Drill a lot of test holes.
Parlay like a bastard using the Strict Rules of Parlay.
Have at least 2 nice dinners out. Long pants kinds of dinners.
Hit and run. Take the profits, worry about the cash first. This will be the rule for 6 of our 9 days. When we are at the Cal we will need to do $10K a day coin-in each to keep the perks coming. It's been a great deal for us thus far. But that takes some pressure off, and I've been feeling the pressure a lot in the last few trips. So, rejigging a bit.
Eat some of those Heaven Sent Original Chicken Tender Flesh-pieces from Luxor's food court. Maybe a shit-load of those things, I can't stop thinking about them.
Get some freaking Royals.
Win money at blackjack and win money at craps. Piss it away on video poker! (This worked on previous trips, I'd win at the tables, and use it to fund my addiction hobby.)
Avoid cabs at all costs.


    1. Seat belts buckled and ready for another great Flushie report.

      Good luck.

      wpete (VMB)

    2. What days will you be at The Call/MSS? I'm going to Vegas very soon and want to say hi to you and The Quad Queen. Will you be at the Boar's Head Bar at MSS? Will one of your business cards be at your machine with you? Or else, how can I identify you? Great blog BTW!

      1. The business card thing is interesting. The last time I was in Vegas, there were 5 machines occupied at the 4Q bar with Flusher's cards on them, and 3 men and two ladies playing the machines. Eeeenie, Meeenie, Miiinne, Moe.

    3. I'm not sure how you are able to utilize two months worth of freeplay offers by being there at month end/start of new month. Every time we have tried that we get the freeplay offer for the month ending, but Four Queens won't make the offer for the month starting available.


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