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Monday, August 31, 2015

Pointies! (Aug 30-2015)

Another fine night of shuteye at the DTG and I awoke Sunday morning, ready to rock. I repeated the morning ritual, getting a coffee at the bar and testing my luck. Fortunately, I had some. (Luck.)

No kicker, though.
A good way to start the day. They have a promotion at DTG, the hot hand of the day. I think it only applies to Bonus Poker, and the prize is an extra 50 credits. I also think maybe the hot hand of the day is always four sixes, because it never changed while I was there.
I did my blogging for all you wonderful readers and checked the stats.

Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way has reached a total of one million page views. It's pretty staggering. Way to go, you page viewers!

The Quad Queen came over to visit and we did a mini walkabout, starting with the nearest casino, right downstairs.
Guess what? She hit the hot hand of the day.

Guess what? She hit it on Boner Deluxe. So no extra 50 credits. But who cares, its a 400 credit win instead of 125.

We proceeded down to the El Cortez where I played a twenty on a machine with about the best paytable currently to be found for a quarter deuces game. It's ancient, its a coin dropper, it plays slow as molasses, it has a 12" glass CRT screen, and I love it... except for the fact that it stiffed me on deuces.
In the alcove, we played the 2 machines side by side at the back. I asked QQ which one she wanted and she took the Bonus Poker machine. I took Double Double Bonus. Probably the reason I lost $200 while she won.
 The four Pointies paid $400 plus a $10 gift card. You could also take a freeplay envelope from the drum instead so she opted for that and got... $10 freeplay. Fine by us.
I had some revenge at their bar and left Elco only down $50 or something.

Jackie, we miss ya!
Time for breakfast, so we hit the Fremont buffet. It was ok. I found some fried chicken which was acceptable, and had some salad and melons too. I kind of got into an argument with this woman at the buffet.

I was picking through the pieces trying to find what I wanted.

"I wouldn't mind a leg, or some other dark meat."

"That's a thigh," she said, pointing to the piece I had in the grip of the tongs.

"No, I think that's a back,"

"No, that's a thigh."

"Look at this here, I think this is a back."

"I know my chicken and that's a thigh."

"Ok, it's a thigh. I'll take it," I said. "You know what, I like thighs. I like fried chicken too."

And her husband was standing right behind her.

"Enjoy!" I said cheerfully.

Vegas is Country Throw-up Gravy Central!
After breakfast, I went to DTG to pack up my stuff and cart it to the Cal - because today was moving day. The Quad Queen wanted to do a day's worth of play at the Smug Nugget and pick up $100 free play there. She headed off and that is where her day went in the dumper.

Meanwhile, I stopped off to play in the Downtown Grand and got on a parlay run.

What's more, I got four Pointies!

I parlayed to dollars got to hammer them for a good 45 minutes or so at top speed, and still preserve most of my win. I cashed out $200 - $100 profit.

Meanwhile, I was getting all these grim texts from the Nugget... down this, down that, another 100, still nothing, getting my ass kicked...

Time to hustle my stuff over to the Cal. I checked out of the DTG (no charges) and hauled ass. I'd arranged late check-out and a limo ride to Wynn with my host, for 2:00pm and it was around noon. And the Quad Queen needed rescuing!

Well, when I caught up to her, she was steaming. She was actually on her way out the door. I wanted to give the triple plays that I'd done well on (and that had eaten her alive) a try. I popped $100 into the machine and played one hand. The Quad Queen sat and watched in the seat to my right.

Boom! Four Pointies!!! From one!

A woman to my left said, "Was that your first hand?"

"Yes, yes it was."

"I find that extremely irritating."

We played a few more things, this and that, but Quad Queen was in one of those bad luck spirals. We played the 8/6 dollars, I made a bit, she lost $100. That kind of thing.

We were both kind of thankful that it was time to get back to the Cal and get our gear down to the lobby to catch a comfortable limo ride to the height of short-pay luxury - Wynn.

It was sure strange how we'd had three sets of Pointies, and it was sure strange how her luck had done a serious 180.

Strange as those things were, the day was about to get really, really strange.

Like, turbo strange.

Turbo strange plus.

Turbo Mk. II strange plus 3000 extreme.


    1. Did you notice what Jackie Guaghan was pointing at in that photo?
      They were taking bets on where Skylab would fall !

    2. Skylab. All the rage that summer of 1979.


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