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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Slutty Times Pay Pays (Aug 29-2015)

We settled in for a long stint at those great multi-play machines at Main Street Station. I played a hundred or so on triple play, but really wasn't getting anywhere, so I switched it up to Double Double Bonus Slutty Times Pay.

Quad Queen got on the board first.

I played for quite a while and was getting low on credits. Again, the quads weren't coming for me.

I got a 5 times spinner, and as usual, hoped and prayed for a decent dealt hand. Nope. A bare Ace. Oh well.

I held the bare Ace and watched the deal come up. And on the second line was absolute magic. Three more Aces. (No kicker, though.) A cool 4000 credits. $1000. I leaped from my seat and ran around singing, "I. AM. SO-SMART! I. AM. SO-SMART! S.M.R.T.!!!!"

That was the big win I've been looking for. As good as a quarter Royal! No taxes!

We hammered away and I did about $6500 coin in, while the Quad Queen graduated to 10-play Bonus Poker and did $10,000 coin in.

I didn't take pictures of all her quads, just the more interesting ones. Here are the goods:

Quad Queen - Aces Twice.

The final itchy card tally.
We grabbed a quick buffet lunch. I managed to assemble something pretty tasty, starting with a base of refried beans and working up from there with all the colors of the buffet rainbow. And cheesecake.

A different pic of CTUG. This one is in a ROUND vat.

Something is wrong with the progressive on this older nickel pays nothing.
We played a bunch of the Loose Doose, but it wasn't happening. That cost us like $120 or $150 each. I had 3 ducks dealt once and Mrs. F had them three times, but we couldn't close.

We went to Fremont to play the full pay Bonus Spinners there but the seats were all taken. The machines were too. QQ settled on Pick'Em and I wanted to play some craps.

Bought in for $100. Seven winner. Point seven out. Point seven out. Point. Number. Point winner. Point seven out.

I ran outta there. Found a blackjack table with two seats open. Sat. Get outta here, these are taken. Fine.

Sat at another table. Played one hand. Guy next to me got blackjack. 6:5. I made loud noises. "They've lowered the blackjack payout here too? I'm outta here."

Blew the rest of the reds on roulette with nothing coming back.

I joined QQ at Pick'Em and I played for a solid hour on $20. She did really well, getting a quad and making some money.

Next we hit Binion's. We did a little dance. Made a little love. Got down tonight.

Get QQ a new card.
Play new signup free play.
Play 20 points.
Go get $5 freeplay bonus for 20 points on new card.
Play the $5.
Go swipe cards at swipe 'n grope.
RF win $5 free play.
Go to booth, get $5 freeplay.
Back to machines, play $5 free play.

We played the machines that are marked 98% payback. It's so quiet there. There are gentle background machine sounds.

Quad Queen said, "This is like being on a starship!..."

"Welcome to Starship Binions," I replied.
Starship Binions


The pictures of people with the million dollars in cash are quite interesting to look at.

Picture with $1,000,000.
Nailed it.
After that, back to the Cal.

I played about an hour of blackjack, and lost $100. QQ played video poker (what else) - nothing significant occurred. Maybe some losing. I joined her and did some losing myself.

We had an 8:00pm reservation for Redwood Grille and it was as terrific as always. Hilario takes great care of us, and the food was perfect.
S Car Go and his new hit 'I wanna Playt Ya, Playt Ya, Puh-puh-puh Playt Ya'
While waiting in line at the slot club to get our cash back, I spent some time perusing a list of names to determine who I would most like to get it on with. (A few glasses of Mark West red at dinner may have fueled this speculation.)

I quickly settled on Marguerita, but then carefully considered the sumptuous curves of another front runner, and loudly announced that I would most like to get it on with Josephine. Somehow I still got my cash back.

$178 for me, and $130 for the Quad Queen. Yay cashback!

(Because we have the Gold card for food, we can cash all our slot points in for cash, instead of using them for food.)

We took care of our Host (in the right way), and she set up a Limo ride for tomorrow morning, and late checkout. Stay tuned on that front...

We finished our day off at Fremont on Super Times Pay, and we both made some money.

Is this the chandelier that came off the S.S. Rex gambling ship?

Scratch that ass baby, ooh yeah, scratch it!

What a great day. Wall to fucking wall gambling, drinking, eating, and blogging. This is one you'll look back on when you are old and feeble and say, "What's all that damn racket? Where are my glasses?"

RF: Day: +$835 Trip: -$960
QQ: Day -$320 Trip: -$1140
Combined trip: -$2100


    1. Flusher is that you and the QQ in the second or third photo at the million dollar display?


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