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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Crack Lighter Discount Trick (Aug 26-2015)

Wednesday, August 26

Had such a great sleep last night, woke up feeling all perky and pointy and ready to rock... Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer. The morning routine continues with me running to grab a Starbucks and a hot water for QQ (who drinks tea) and running back for the status call at 6:00am.

My plan was to tell the cashista that my name is 'St!mul8', but there was only one staff member working and no lineup. I will shoot for St!mul8 tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that the place is dead? So quiet yesterday and today, I guess it's a quiet week of summer before the labor day weekend.

After a long stretch of work, the QQ and I headed down. First stop, the front desk. I talked to a supervisor at check in, showed him the pictures of our 'luxury suite'. I didn't want to leave it till the end because then you have no more leverage.

Did I mention that the towels by the Jizzcuzzi... I thought QQ put them there, she thought I put them there. One folded, one wadded up. And a crack lighter too, found yesterday.

The guy was very understanding and somewhat embarrassed and was very apologetic.

I said, boldly, brazenly, cruelly even, "Fool! Your tears mean NOTHING to me. Apologize to me in the RIGHT WAY. DO IT!"

That got me the removal of two of the three upgrade fees of $35. He also called housekeeping to deal with the towels and stuff. (She never showed up though.)

Anyway, six minutes of Flusher-style wheedling saved me $70 beans plus 12% room tax. Coolio.

We did some Strict Rules of Parlay play on the machines by the cashier. I had some luck and parlayed to 50 cents and then played it out. QQ couldn't get anything going, and the Cash Queen had to do the walk of shame to the cage.

Time-share shark pouncer assholes.
Breakfast was a re-run of yesterday at the Not a Pyramid Not a Cafe. I could repost the pictures again I suppose but a person can only stand so much Country throw-up gravy, right?

We found an interesting game just outside the Pyramid Cafe, which I don't remember seeing my last trip. It might be an interesting option for quarter players at Luxhole.

It's a quarter, 7/5 Bonus Poker progressive, with meters on all the quads, the straight flush, and the Royal.

QQ got some hits on it and I got bupkis. Once again I am finding it hard to keep up in the quad department!

We tooled around the casino a bit, checked at the MILF desk to see if we had any more free spins on the block party thingy (we didn't).

Tried MegaBucks for a while and believe me, you would have heard about it if I had won the $11M that was surely coming to me, and was my Megabucks birthright. I can't understand why I haven't won that thing yet.

 And with that, I had to go up for more C.O.C. testing. QQ came up for a while and then headed down on her own to defile some triple play machines.


    1. I have not been inside Luxor in a million billion trillion years. Is that fake city new? Or did I not notice it? I would have noticed it if it were in side a pyramid, right?

    2. Is that the view from your ledge? Hello, vertigo! I wonder if anyone's fallen and impaled themselves on the obelisk?

    3. More gravy pictures please!


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